Sign to replace your wooden door frame

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First impressions matter a lot. The first thing we notice when entering a house, office, or any place is the door of the house. Both the main entrance door and internal doors contribute to enhancing the looks and feel of the place. If you’re aiming for a modern and high-quality door for your home, Flush doors are a fantastic choice. Wooden door frames are equally important elements to constitute a perfect entrance. One may not notice the door frame but it is valuable in ensuring the safety of your home. In this blog we discuss various aspects of a door frame to look after, or the signs that indicate it’s time to replace it to maintain its structural integrity. 

Visible damage

It would be the most obvious sign to understand that now is the time to replace the door frame. So, if you notice any cracks, or splits on the door frame, get it replaced immediately as it would not provide adequate support.

Problem in operations

If you find that opening and closing the door is getting problematic, they check out the door frame. The reason may be the condition of the door frame, yes…with time the wooden door frame may get a bit shift or warp due to humidity and temperature. Thus misalignment of the door frame leads to problems in operating the door smoothly. So, replace the door frame to restore the proper alignment and smooth operation

Energy loss

If you find that there has been consistent energy loss like for example warm air entering your room despite closing the door, you must check the door frame as well. Gaps or cracks in the door frame may be the reason for this energy loss and hence increasing your electricity bills. The door and door frame together provides the required insulation for a comfortable indoor environment and saves on energy costs. 

Deterioration due to water

Sometimes door frames get deteriorated due to water, especially in moisture and humidity-rich areas. If you find that there is swelling or some sign of rot, you should replace the door frame, as it would become weak in such conditions and cannot provide the required stability. Keep the indoors of your house intact and always install doors and door frames of high quality.

So never neglect the door frame and be aware of the signs to get it replaced to ensure safety and security. If you’re looking for a trusted manufacturer, Bhutan Tuff is the best brand in India. The company is consistently progressing in the industry by providing high-quality flush doors at affordable prices. With a wide range of flush door options along with a wide variety of wooden door frames, veneer flush doors, and much more, we offer a complete solution to suit your style and requirements. We provide prompt delivery to our customers within a specified period and ensure the best solution to meet your specific requirements. Explore the website to know more about the range of wooden flush doors or contact us now!! 

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