What is the ruling on the betrayal of a woman and the betrayal of a man?

What is the ruling on the betrayal of a woman and the betrayal of a man?

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What is the ruling on the betrayal of a woman and the betrayal of a man?

Cheating on the wife

Betrayal is one of the factors that today, with the weakening of family foundations and the increase of incorrect social relations, and the incorrect spread of the culture of using social networks, has unfortunately become more prevalent in society than in the past. Of course, another thing that has happened is that with the spread of these false relationships, the suspicion of it has also increased in today’s couples.

Sometimes there are conversations, text messages, or behaviors that the wife interprets as betrayal, which is true in some cases, but in some cases, it is just a false assumption. Of course, in any case, the definitions of treason in the law are different from popular definitions.

From a legal point of view, it is possible to judge adultery when a woman or a man commits adultery and it is proven, or when there is an act against chastity that is considered by the judge as a sign of cheating on the spouse.

In legal terms, these signs are called signs. If a judge sees signs of treason, he can determine the severity of the sentence according to his opinion and decision. If it is proven that a woman or a man has committed adultery with a person for whom it is not shariah halal, his wife can file a legal or criminal complaint against him. If the crime is proven, the punishment for cheating on the wife, depending on its type and details, if the judge recognizes the relationship as adultery, adultery, or adultery, can be execution, stoning, or exile. Punishment for Treason and What It Consists Of

What is the punishment for cheating on your wife?

But the punishments related to treason, it can be different based on whether the complaint is legal or criminal, and it can also be different based on the evidence and definite proof of treason. If the plaintiff can prove that his wife cheated on him with adultery and has substantiated evidence and presents it to the court,

legally he can get the right to divorce from the court and in a criminal complaint it can lead to a verdict. Execution, retribution, and shaving of Su’s hair and banishment. Of course, the plaintiff should keep in mind that if he accuses of adultery but cannot prove it, the defendant can restore his dignity and file a slanderous complaint, and this can lead to punishment for the plaintiff.

Also, if someone complains about his wife for infidelity, it is not necessary to prove adultery, but all the wrong behaviors and signs that indicate inappropriate and immoral behaviors and improper relationships can be indicative of infidelity.

Up to ninety lashes follow. For example, if the spouse has inappropriate messages or inappropriate images and such behaviors. Of course, people should keep in mind that they should not make such complaints based on suspicions that can be based on a misunderstanding.

Sometimes spouses may be sensitive to some behaviors and eventually consider them as an example of betrayal, but in reality, there is no problem and it is a misunderstanding. Consider each other.

Misconceptions about the sentence and punishment for cheating on a spouse

Many people have misconceptions about raising the issue of infidelity and its rulings in court, and both women and men have misconceptions about this, especially when couples have a disagreement and intend to separate from each other.

Many men think that by accusing their spouse of infidelity, they can be exempted from paying her dowry and other financial obligations such as alimony, etc., or women who have misconceptions about child custody or other issues related to infidelity. Some of these misconceptions are:

1- Proof of infidelity does not eliminate the payment of the dowry, the dowry was something that was bound at the time of the marriage and should have been paid at the same time, and this issue is related to the quality of life that was created with that marriage and it doesn’t matter

what happened later. Unfortunately, many men have this wrong idea, and it has even been observed that some of them have created fake situations for their wives, which is not only against morals, but also leads them to their goals. It doesn’t work and they have to pay the dowry.

2- Proof of infidelity to the wife also does not exempt the man from paying alimony, alimony is one of the rights of the woman and is given to her as long as the woman complies. Also, the proof of infidelity alone cannot deprive the woman of the right to the ideal wage.

3- Proof of infidelity cannot be effective in the right to custody and also the right to visit the child, in any case, the father or mother has the right to visit his child, and the proof of infidelity is only valid if it is determined that the person has problems and moral incompetence. It can be effective in getting custody.


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