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Why A Social Wall Is The Must-Have Addition To Your Next In-Person Event

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Event planners must incorporate technology into their events. To cope with change in the digital age. The Social Wall for Events is one piece of technology that has shown to be quite effective in making events lively. In essence, a social media channel’s user-generated content (UGC) is shown on a social wall at an event. In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of including a social wall at your next in-person event as well as offer some tips and inspiration. If you are planning to host an in-person event this blog can be helpful for you as the event social wall is in boom and it is helping a lot of event organizers in reaching their target audience.

7 Reasons Why You Should Include Social Wall At Your In-Person Events

Here are some reasons why a social wall is a must-have addition to your next in-person event.

1. Boost Attendee Engagement and Interaction

Using a Social Wall for an event has many advantages, one of which is that it fosters an interesting and dynamic environment. Event attendees are inspired to share more content and take part in activities when they can see their work displayed on a large screen. Most of the attendees get influenced when they see their content displayed on a large screen at an event and they are more likely to engage with your event’s social wall. Attendees can also interact with one another’s content, which can lead to conversations and promote a sense of community.

2. Encourage User-Generated Content

User-generated content is usually a very effective way of encouraging the audience to take part in your event activities. The event’s Social Wall encourages participants to produce and distribute user-generated content. This means they can share content in the form of pictures, videos, tweets, GIFs, and other forms of digital content. By using a specific event hashtag, event organizers can quickly find and collect the content and other information, and post it on the Social Wall for everyone to see it. This not only encourages attendees to engage with the event but also generates valuable content for the event’s social media channels.

3. Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement

Brand awareness at an in-person event is a crucial element. A Social Wall for the event can help your event’s attendees become more engaged and aware of your brand. With the help of a social media wall for the event the sponsors receive free promotions from attendees who post information about the event on social media. You are showing the participants’ ingenuity as well as raising brand exposure and engagement by posting this content on the Social Wall. Social media will help in building a strong brand presence not just at the in-person event but also on social media platforms.

4. Create a Sense of Community

And the next way in which a social media wall can be an effective option is by building a sense of belongingness among your event attendees. A social wall fosters a sense of camaraderie among visitors. Event attendees are given the impression that they are a part of something greater by having their content shown on a large screen. This also develops a sense of belonging and community among them and motivates them to participate more actively in the event. You may make your event memorable for attendees by utilizing a Social Wall at your in-person event. 

5. Provide Real-Time Feedback

With the help of an event social wall, organizers can easily collect feedback from their attendees. It helps organizers collect real-time feedback on how attendees are feeling about the event, what their experience with the event or brand. The Social Wall lets organizers immediately see the posts, pictures, and comments made by attendees, allowing them to make any adjustments to the event. As a result, organizers can view attendees’ queries on the Social Wall and respond to them in real time during Q&A sessions and panel discussions.

6. Encourage Networking

The event social wall also helps in encouraging networking at the event. 

A social wall can promote networking among the event attendees in different ways. It may be simpler for attendees to connect with people who have similar interests or work in the same field by displaying attendees’ posts and comments on the large screen. This may result in beneficial professional contacts and partnerships that go beyond the scope of the current event. 

7. Create a Lasting Impression

Event social walls also help event organizers to create a lasting impression on their event attendees. Using a social wall at an event is an effective way of standing out from the crowd. 

A social wall can also leave a lasting impression on participants at your event. Attendees are made to feel like they are a part of the event experience and are more likely to remember it long after the event has ended by having their content displayed on the big screen. Increased brand loyalty and repeat attendance at subsequent events may result from this.

Here are some Social Wall ideas for Event that can help boost attendee engagement:

1. Social Photo Booth

A social photo booth is one of the best ideas to use at your in-person event. Make a photo booth area where attendees can take pictures and share them on social media with the event hashtag. Display the photos on the Social Wall to encourage attendees to participate and show off their artistic abilities. This way you will be able to generate UCG content for the event. 

2. Live Social Q&A

Live question and answer is another impactful idea that you can use for your in-person event. Make a unique event hashtag for attendees to use when asking questions during a speaker session or a panel discussion. Display the questions on the Social Wall and allow the speakers to respond in real-time.

3. Social Wall Scavenger Hunt

To make your event more engaging and fun for your attendees you can use scavenger hunt.  Make a scavenger hunt in which attendees must find specific content on the Social Wall to win prizes. This encourages attendees to interact with the content on the Social Wall.

4. Showcase Event Highlights and Generate Buzz

Another advantage of using a Social Wall for in-person events is that you can highlight event highlights and generate buzz. Attendees can see in real-time what others are saying about the event and share their own experiences with their followers. As a result, more people become aware of the event and are inspired to attend future events.

Here are some Social Wall Examples for Event that can help you showcase event highlights:

  • Live Streaming

Use the Social Wall to live stream important moments of the event, such as keynote speeches or product launches. This allows attendees who may not be able to attend the event to still participate and engage with the content.

  • Hashtag Highlight Reel

Create a highlight reel of the best content shared on social media using the event hashtag. This can be displayed on the Social Wall, and shared on the event website and social media channels.

  • Social Wall Leaderboard

Create a leaderboard showcasing the most active attendees on social media, and display it on the Social Wall. This encourages attendees to share more content and engage with the event, while also creating a sense of friendly competition.

The Bottom Line 

In conclusion, a Social Wall for in-person Events is a must-have addition. By the end of this blog you know the reasons why you should add a social wall to your event and some of the ideas and examples for social media walls for events. It not only creates an interactive and engaging atmosphere but also allows you to showcase event highlights and generate buzz. By implementing the Social Wall ideas for the Event mentioned in this blog and using the Social Wall Examples for the Event, you can take your event to the next level and create a memorable experience for your attendees. So, start planning your Event Social Wall today, and see the difference it can make in your next event.


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