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What Cycling Gear A Beginner Must Buy

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What is the most common barrier to getting people to start cycling? I’m at a loss for words! What cycling equipment and bike accessories are required to navigate your roads or trails safely and enjoyably? How do you put together a comprehensive inventory of all your bike gear and cycling accessories? Trying to make your way through unfamiliar products, billions of recommendations, and foreign jargon? Don’t waste any more time on this process when you could be out cycling instead! Get right to the point with this guide to all the beginner cycling gear and cycling gear you’ll need as a new cyclist! You can buy cycling gear at discounted prices, and use the Kickers Voucher Code in your shopping. 

Essentials For Cycling Gear

Some essentials for surviving any ride, this buyer’s guide will walk you through the equipment you should bring on any ride, long or short. The following items will keep you safe, comfortable, and prepared for any minor mishaps while riding a bike or cycling.  


 Helmet safety comes first even in minor accidents, a helmet can save your life. Helmets have come a long way in terms of comfort, style, and versatility. Mountain bike helmets frequently have increased coverage and an adjustable visor. Road bike helmets are often more ventilated and lightweight, so you’ll forget you’re wearing one.

Water Bottle

Packing a water bottle will help you stay hydrated during your ride. Remember that cycling can be a strenuous workout, so drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your ride is essential for getting the most out of your cycling experience. Universal bottle cage mounts make it simple to mount water bottles on your bike.

Tire Brakes

Nobody anticipates having a flat tire. The right tools for changing a tire make all the difference in getting the job done quickly and correctly. Tire levers make it easier to remove and install tires without pinching the tube.


Bike shorts generally come in two styles: body hugging and baggy, though even the baggy ones may have some body-hugging features hidden beneath their looser outer layer. Both have padding to protect the area of your body that comes into contact with the bike saddle and to absorb moisture. Bike shorts are designed to be worn without underwear, which can cause chafing.

Extra Tube

While patch kits are useful, having a replacement tube on hand is the most certain way to know you’ll be fine after a flat tire. Tubes will only fit a limited number of tires and have two valve styles: Presta (the skinny one) and Schrader (the fatter one, same as on your car). Check your tire size and the valve on your rim!

CO2 or Pump

You have the tube and the tools to get it on and off the rim; all you need now is a way to get air into the tire. There are bike frame-mounted pumps that attach to your frame’s water bottle cage mounts. The majority of frame pumps are small enough to fit in a backpack. CO2 cartridges and inflators are a quick and simple way to inflate your tire.

Multi-Purpose Tool

A multi-tool that is versatile can mean the difference between continuing a ride and walking back to the car. With a multi-tool, almost every bolt and screw on your bike can be changed. Most come with flathead and Phillips screwdrivers, an Allen wrench set, Torx wrenches, and even a chain-breaking tool!

Seat Cover

You’ve got all this great gear; now you just need a place to keep it on the bike. No more wondering if you remembered to bring your spare tube. Put your keys, wallet, and tools in one of these bags. A seat bag is the most convenient way to get the gear out of your pockets and onto your bike because it is out of the way but easy to access.


Look and be seen! A good light set will illuminate the road or trail ahead of you. For your safety, lights may be just as crucial as a helmet. It is critical to alert cars, pedestrians, and other cyclists when riding on trails and roads. Our lights are available in both battery-powered and USB rechargeable models. Get lighting for your cycle by redeeming the Go Outdoors Voucher Code.


You made an investment in your bicycle. Use a keyed or combination lock to keep it secure. Smaller, lighter locks are available for quick trips to the coffee shop, as are heavier-duty locks for keeping a bike locked up for an extended period of time.


Fuel your ride and recover faster! A good combination of energy, electrolytes, protein, and other key nutrients will improve your endurance and overall health.


Most of us started cycling in tennis shoes, which are fine for short rides with flat pedals, but on longer rides, your feet may cramp or hurt from the repetitive flex of your feet. Cycling shoes have rigid soles that prevent your feet from flexing as much, lowering the risk of cramping and pain and optimizing energy transfer to the pedals.

Bicycle shoes are classified into two types: road bike shoes and mountain bike (MTB) shoes. The two types have features for those two types of riding, with the main difference being that MTB shoes, which have a lugged sole and aren’t as rigid as road shoes, are easier to walk in. This is important for MTB riders who are on and off their bikes frequently depending on the terrain, but MTB shoes are still stiff enough to provide the benefit.

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