Most people find themselves in unfair situations from time to time. Life is rarely completely fair and chance can mean that we sometimes end up in situations where something unfair happens, which unfortunately you have to reckon with in this life. Sometimes, however, you encounter systematic and intentional negative treatment. In such a situation, you often feel that you want to do something about it, and then there are several paths to take.


If, for example, you regularly happen to have people bring up your ideas and it is only then that the ideas are heard, and that it is a behavior practiced by men because you yourself are a woman, the first step can be to point this out. You can raise the issue with those who practice the behavior and also with, for example, a boss in whom you trust. Some may not even be aware of their unpleasant behavior and others stop it if they feel exposed.


Discrimination is a crime, and the law mentions seven different points based on which a person may not be treated worse than anyone else. If you feel discriminated against or treated offensively, you can report the matter to a legal authority. Larger employers are obliged by law to take measures to prevent discrimination, but unfortunately, it still happens relatively often. A police report about an offensive and discriminatory act can lead to a conviction in a trial. See more about it in one of the website’s other articles.


Being discriminated against can be a difficult experience. You feel that you have been reduced to a single ability that has had to determine the entire treatment of you as a person. Often you can start to doubt your ability and experience that there is actually something wrong with you. In that situation, it is good to seek support. It can be both with a counselor at the health center but also with family and friends.

Common sense law

Sweden has a devastating amount of laws, regulations, and rules. Not infrequently this means that individual people are treated unfairly or generally put in a pinch.

This relationship is in itself a sufficient argument that urgently reduces the scope of the Swedish regulations.

Until this can be done, something needs to be done urgently. Otherwise, we risk seeing more in the meantime examples of people affected. The most recent examples are more than sufficient. What Is An Unjust Law?

Car dealer Alvgaard in Vimmerby

The treatment of the car dealer Halvar Alvgaard I Vimmerby is an example of what can be called a miscarriage of justice. It was in 1981 that the tax authorities at an assessment audit suspected that Halvar Alvgaard withheld large sums from taxation.

On two occasions, Alvgaard was arrested and the police took action on the house search, in both his residence and company. At the same time Half a million kroner from his was ”secured”, ie seized average payment. As if this were not enough, one was also held a press conference in Kalmar police station, where Alvgaard was painted as the biggest tax cheat in the county.

How it then went is generally known. Car dealer Alvgaard was freed but had suffered great personal injury and financial damage. No compensation for either financial or other damage has been caused by the state. He has tom demand compensation for legal costs!

That such a procedure is contrary to the general public as well as legal awareness as common sense is widely known.

Anders Hermansson was robbed twice

Late in the evening of September 11, two middle-aged people walked men with a sawed-off shotgun into Anders Hermansson’s convenience store on Klostergatan in central Jönköping and forced to himself 3,200 kroner.

Not only that. Anders Hermansson must pay 640 SEK in VAT (20 percent), employer contributions 1,247 SEK (38.97 percent) and SEK 1,280 in income tax (40 percent).

The robbers took SEK 3,200 and the tax authorities took almost as much — SEK 3,167. Anders Hermansson’s loss is a total of SEK 6,367.

That this procedure is contrary to the general public as well as the sense of justice as common sense is also universally known.

Society should have rules that protect against crime — not which further aggravate the injury.

Common sense law

I have described two examples of people who have been hurt due to current regulations. It is possible to find many similar examples around our country. It is clear that some commissions result in unreasonable effects arising. Therefore, a law is required that ensures that persons in similar circumstances occasions are held harmless.

The law, which can with advantage be called the “Healthy Act”. reason” can have the following orientation:

If an applicable law or rule appears obviously unfair and contrary to general legal sense and common sense reason, it shall not apply. The best of the individual must then put before the public.

The Act shall be applied in all exercises of authority against individuals.

It should be up to the relevant committee to design a proposal for legal text.


With reference to the stated home state

that the Riksdag decides to introduce a ”common sense law” i in accordance with what was proposed in the motion.

Stockholm, 11 January 1991