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What Are Preliminary Pages in Dissertation? Formatting Guide with Examples

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The preliminary or starting pages of your dissertation are the pages that come before the main work or sections. Such pages are concise and form the basis of your research. They are necessary parts of a dissertation. Not a single dissertation is complete until it has all the preliminary pages. When adding those pages to your dissertation, make sure that they come in order. Do you know what those pages are? Do you have any idea of their order?

Well, your presence here shows that you do not have answers to these questions. But there is no need to worry. In today’s post, we will discuss only the preliminary pages of a dissertation. In this guidepost, you will see a basic description of each page along with its formatting guidelines. Along with this, there will be examples of each page. So, let’s start with the topic right away without wasting any time further.

What Are Preliminary Pages In A Dissertation?

The pages that come at the start of a dissertation document are known as preliminary or starting pages. Collectively, those pages are also called admin sections. Such pages do not get a number as the chapters have. Instead, they just follow a sequence. The order of those pages is below:

  • Title or cover page (Mandatory)
  • Copyright page (Mandatory)
  • Dissertation approval page (Optional)
  • Abstract (Mandatory)
  • Acknowledgements (Mandatory)
  • Table of contents (Mandatory)
  • List of figures and tables (Mandatory)

A Brief Description Of Each Page And Formatting Guidelines

After reading the information above, you now have a good idea of what the preliminary pages in a dissertation are. You also know the order of those pages. However, one thing that you still do not know is how to write them and their brief description. In this section, we will give a brief description of each and the formatting guidelines that every dissertation writer must follow.

Title Page

The title or cover page is the first page of your dissertation. It is represented by the “i” roman numeral in the dissertation. This page contains information about the dissertation title, its writer, the supervisor, and the institution. The guidelines for making the cover page are different for different styles, like APA, MLA, and Harvard. However, the names must be correct in terms of spelling.

Copyright Page

The second page is known as the copyright page. This page is not counted and numbered in a dissertation, but still, it is one of the most important preliminary pages in a dissertation. The formatting guidelines of this page are that the text is centre aligned between the margins on both sides. The line appears at the end “All Rights Reserved.” There should be a double space between the lines.

Dissertation Approval Page

The dissertation approval page is page “ii” of a dissertation. This page tells the readers that your dissertation is approved by your supervisor and is free from any kind of plagiarism and other issues. Simply put, this page tells the readers that you have conducted original research. This page should include the names of all internal and external examiners. Their digital or physical signatures are mandatory for this page.

Abstract Page

The 4th starting page in a dissertation is the abstract page. The abstract page is one of the most important preliminary pages in a dissertation. It is because it explains the whole research investigation in a single paragraph. It describes what the research is, its significance, the methods used, and the major results obtained after the study. The abstract must not contain more than 300 words. As far as formatting is concerned, the word “Abstract” is placed 2 inches from the top of the page. The following text follows standard guidelines.

Acknowledgements Page

The next page in order is the acknowledgements page. This is the page where you acknowledge the contributions of your teacher, friends, and other university staff. It is the section where you thank all of them for their valuable contributions towards your dissertation writing and research journey. When writing this page, you should place the word “acknowledgements” 2 inches from the top of the page. After that, start thanking the individuals by using Times New Roman as the writing style and a font size of 12 with a spacing of 1.5.

Table Of Contents

One of the most important and the most mandatory preliminary pages of a dissertation is the table of contents page. This is the page that explains to the readers the sections and subsections your dissertation includes. Writing this page is necessary because it makes the navigation through the dissertation easy. The word “Table of Contents” is placed 2 inches from the top of the MS Word page and is written in capital letters.

List Of Figures And Tables

Lastly, there is a page with a list of figures and tables. On this page, there is information about all the figures used in the dissertation and their page numbers. The same goes for the tables used in the dissertation. The formatting guidelines are the same as those of the table of contents. The word “List of Figures and Tables” is placed 2 inches from the top of the page. You can create this list automatically using MS Word. However, if you cannot, take help from dissertation writers in the UK.

Mandatory And Optional Starting Pages In A Dissertation

The above-discussed pages are mandatory. However, there are some preliminary pages in a dissertation that are optional. The table below differentiates them:

Page Requirement
Title page Mandatory
Copyright page Mandatory
Dissertation approval page Mandatory
Abstract Mandatory
Dedication Optional
Epigraph Optional
Table of Contents Mandatory
List of Tables and Figures Mandatory
Preface Optional

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the preliminary pages in a dissertation are the starting pages. They are also called the admin sections, where you describe what your research is and thank all the individuals who have contributed to your dissertation writing journey. In this guidepost, we have discussed what to include on those pages and what pages are mandatory and what are optional.

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