Do basketball and volleyball need special shoes?

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Basketball shoes are, in numerous ways, the perfect cover for volleyball shoes. There is a larger range, wider vacuity, and they tend to look better in utmost situations off the volleyball court. In this article, We know that, Are basketball shoes good for volleyball?

Why are volleyball shoes so expensive?

Some volleyball shoes are more precious than others. The price is generally due to shoe technology that’s designed specifically for the requirements of volleyball players, as well as product costs.

Do Basketball Shoes Work for Volleyball?

Yes, basketball shoes for volleyball. Wearing basketball shoes for volleyball workshops because some of the features of basketball shoes are also analogous to that of volleyball shoes. That’s why numerous volleyball events allow the use of basketball shoes.


Though you might see a lot of volleyball players wearing hand basketball shoes, you do n’t see numerous basketball players wearing volleyball shoes. This is substantially because volleyball shoes are n’t fit for basketball games which involve a lot of physical contact.

How are Volleyball and Basketball shoes?

Both volleyball and basketball business use the same court involving side movement, and bear jumping capacities. Still, they’ve a lot of differences They feed to the different positions in basketball that bear different skill sets. There are

  • Low cut weight light basketball shoes
  • big high cut shoes
  • Mid-cut basketball shoes for a balance between protection and speed.

Volleyball shoes are more lightweight  to reduce weight when jumping. Because of that, they immolate a bit of protection for better performance. 

Good basketball shoes for volleyball?

I started playing volleyball this time and have been playing in vans. After doing some exploration it seems like a lot of people just buy basketball shoes for volleyball. I got really overwhelmed with everything however and all the shoes recommended are really hard to find. I’m just looking for an introductory shoe that has good grip and ankle support but is not too heavy.

Are basketball shoes ok  for volleyball?

The answer is a resounding yes. While they may not give you the same edge as a specialty brand of volleyball shoe, basketball shoes are a good cover and have a place on either court. With so numerous options, you’ll have no trouble changing basketball shoes that serve you well when playing volleyball or basketball.

Do basketball shoes make you jump higher ?

Basketball shoes aren’t designed to make you jump advanced and will not increase your perpendicular. They are designed to support the bottom and ankle throughout all of the colorful impacts and side movements encountered during a basketball game.

Volleyball shoes vs Basketball shoes:

  • Fit:-

When playing volleyball, your shoe needs to fit snugly so that it moves with your bottom as you move around the court. Your bottom should not have twitch room outside, which can affect turned ankles or loss of balance. And when you try on a shoe, choose one that has a cutlet range or lower between your toes and the tip of the shoe. You should also be suitable to bend naturally on the ball of your bottom without restriction.

  • Breathability:-

Mesh is an excellent material to have in the uppers of your volleyball shoes as it provides breathability that keeps your bases cooler and drier during play. The mesh material or reflections allow air to inflow through your shoe so heat and humidity can escape. I play varsity volleyball in Canada and over the past couple of times wearing basketball shoes for volleyball has really swept my part of the nation. I presently enjoy multiple pairs  of basketball shoes specifically for volleyball and love to play in hyperdunks but I also still have a safe brace of mizunos that nowadays let me down.

Can you wear basketball shoes for volleyball?

Yes ,Because there are many reasons why these shoes may be suitable for the court.

  • They provide  good ankle support. Basketball shoes come with more advanced ankle collars than most other sports shoes, so they offer better protection while playing volleyball and jumping around the court.
  • The cushioning in basketball shoes can help absorb the shock of constant jumping and handling. They are very comfortable as well as volleyball shoes.


Still, it’s important to flash back that these shoes don’t offer the same position of support and bumper as volleyball-specific shoes. So, make sure to take your time when choosing a brace of basketball shoes and consider what type of shoe is stylish for your individual requirements.For more information visit our site Chachakhabri.


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