There are four distinct styles of Indian chicken wings in Markham that you need to try.

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Delectable indian food ontorio chicken wings are a staple of summertime get-togethers, including picnics, parties, and sporting events. Wing Kingz is passionate about chicken wings and want to provide our top four choices. With the help of our user-friendly video lessons, you can replicate any dish in the comfort of your own home.

Many people like to snack on chicken wings. It’s easy to see why so many people choose for the well-known meal while hosting summer picnics, getting together with friends, or watching sports together. We just cannot think of any dish that would be as succulent, flavorful, andcrisp all at the same time!

As chicken wings are a speciality at Wing Kingz, we’ll walk you through the preparation of our four favourites. Come to our Thandur restaurant and sports bar to try our unique takes on these four traditional Indian chicken wing dishes. They will come through!

Buttermilk Deep-Fried Chicken Wings

Chicken wings cooked in buttermilk are the best! This mouthwatering meal that is both crispy and soft can’t possibly be made any easier. The chicken is made more soft and juicy by the acidity in buttermilk. When you next have company around, why not prepare this dish that is sure to be a hit?

For this recipe, raw chicken wings were marinated in buttermilk, various herbs, and spices. The chicken is rendered flavorful and juicy thanks to the marinade used for Indian Cuisine in Ontario. In addition, the marinade helps the coating adhere better, which results in crispier wings. Before being served, the coated wings are deep-fried to get the ideal shade of golden brown.

Wings of chicken that have been fried in buttermilk are delicious when served with ranch dressing, English mustard, or buffalo sauce. The Thandur restaurant and sports bar offers wings that have been cooked in buttermilk. Make our buttermilk wings spicier by adding our chipotle seasoning to them. If you want to see how well you can handle the heat, try some of our buffalo sauces, which range from moderate to very spicy.

BBQ Chicken Wings

On a steamy summer day, nothing beats gathering up with friends and family to enjoy some chicken wings grilled over an open flame. The approach that we like to use the most is one that can be prepared without any prior experience in the kitchen.

To begin, you will begin by preparing the dredge that will be used to gently coat the chicken before it is cooked. To add flavour and a crispy texture to the meat, combine flour, herbs, and spices. Before placing the wings on the grill, dredge them in the mixture. You can get that wonderful smokey barbecue flavour in an Indian restaurant: To give the chicken a lovely smokiness, add a small piece of hickory wood to the charcoal. This will give the chicken a pleasant smokiness.

These wings are topped with a flavorful raspberry chipotle sauce that is inspired by Indian cuisine. It just needs a few things, some of which you could already have lying around the house. The sweet and spicy flavours of the crispy grilled chicken wings are complemented by its presence.

Why don’t you give it a shot?

If you are searching for restaurants in Thandur to try, why not make a visit at Wing Kingz and give our version of smokey grilled chicken wings with some zingy lemon and pepper flavouring a shot? You may take our word for it that you won’t be sorry you did it.

Chicken Wings that Have Had the Bones Removed

This is an incredible dish that you have to try if you enjoy boneless chicken wings with buffalo sauce. It is a lighter and less messy supper option since it substitutes chicken breast for chicken wings and removes the bones. Dinner can’t get much simpler than boneless chicken wings, which are also kid-friendly and tasty!

After being marinated in a seasoned marinade, the chicken breasts are then coated in a combination of flour and egg wash and then deep-fried. After being fried, the “wings” are doused in a copious amount of the sauce of your choosing, which may include honey garlic, buffalo, honey BBQ, or any number of other options! Why not make all three if you’re going to be hosting guests?

Visit our Thandur restaurant and sports bar if you’d prefer let the experts take care of preparing the chicken wings and toppings for you. When you and your pals watch the game, kick back with a pint and some of the greatest wings around. Like heaven? It was decided!

Animal-Free Chicken Wings

Vegan chicken wings are an excellent place to begin whether expanding your repertoire of chicken satay delivery options or adhering to a vegetarian or vegan diet. You won’t believe how amazing vegan chicken wings are. It makes use of Indian jackfruit, which, when cooked, has a flavour similar to that of chicken. This supper has the flavour of beef despite not actually containing any meat thanks to the use of seasoned synthetic chicken broth and liquid smoke.

Its crunchy texture is reminiscent of the skin of actual chicken. For this purpose, the seasoned jackfruit “meat” is wrapped in rice paper. While eating chicken wings without the bone, a bamboo spoon is the best tool to use.

These wings are coated with just barbecue and spicy sauce before being served. The wings are first coated with sauce, then given a dry rub, and then fried. You may deep fry them or air cook them depending on your preference. You’re going to be surprised to learn that there is no chicken in this dish when you try it. These chicken wings from India have a flavour and aroma reminiscent of chicken. Doubt us? Put this recipe to the test!

Try our vegan wings if you’re looking for takeout from the Thandur restaurant but don’t feel like cooking. We offer something for you whether you prefer cuisine with a lot of heat or food with lemon and pepper.

Are you hungry? Chicken Wings That Can’t Be Refused These four tasty chicken wing recipes should serve as a source of inspiration for you, regardless of whether you like juicy chicken, the grill, or vegan wings. Check out the post that came before this one for eleven more mouthwatering wing sauce recipes if you’re looking for additional inspiration.


At the Thandur restaurant, we have a large selection of different kinds of chicken wings in store so that we can satisfy the tastes of each and every one of our patrons. We have options available that will cater to your preferences, whether you want your meat with the bones in or without, cooked in the fryer or on the grill, or even vegan. You have the option of coming to our Indian Tandoori Chicken restaurant in Markham to try our one-of-a-kind spins on these scrumptious wings, or you can watch our step-by-step video lessons to learn how to prepare them at home on your own.



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