Tata Nexon EV prime windshield replacement

Tata nexon ev prime windshield replacement: Why OEM glass?

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Every car comes with a windshield to ensure external harsh elements like changing weather and flying debris do not enter. Also, with the windscreen in place, you can drive your vehicle comfortably and conveniently without having to face any trouble. But problems erupt if the glass gets a chip or crack. Small ones can be repaired, but extensive ones will require complete replacement. 

Providing structural strength  

The windshield glass is generally fitted onto the frame using the appropriate adhesive. When accurately fixed, it offers the car’s roof 60% strength. Hence, when tata nexon ev prime windshield replacement is concerned, you should not compromise on the quality aspect. Always choose manufacturer-recommended specifications and type of glass.  What about the budget?

Type of glass

There are two types of front-screen glasses available in the market. The first is OEM and the other is Aftermarket glasses. Although both appear to be similar in looks, the former is undoubtedly the most sold one all over the world. You need to research to understand the difference that exists between the two. This way, you will not make rash or wrong decisions. 

About OEM windshield glass

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) types are considered to be quite similar to that of what your vehicle manufacturer has installed. The same process is used for its construction, thus providing its exact thickness, size, shape, and durability. Perhaps, the same brand that had installed the original one could have manufactured them or by another manufacturer. They are much superior to Aftermarket glasses in durability and quality.

Benefits of choosing OEM windshield glass

  1. Quality installation: 

  • Aftermarket glasses: You can get them at cheap prices. However, they are prone to leakage, loose-fitting, easy cracking, optical distortion, and less visibility. Also, for low-quality acoustics, the proper seal is not offered. This means wind or traffic noise will penetrate the interior easily. Moreover, music or conversations inside will be heard clearly outside. The reason is these are low-quality glasses 
  • OEM glasses: They are manufactured keeping in mind the prevailing standards that car manufacturers follow. Thus, it results in low residual stress while significantly reducing the chance of developing cracks. At the same time, your vehicle also derives a proper seal. You can save huge by installing OEM windshields and traveling safely. Once installed, forget its installation for a long time. 
  1. Safety standards:

  • Aftermarket glasses: Initially, they might appear to be quite affordable on the pocket when replacement is concerned. However, to reduce costs, safety standards are not met. Installing it will mean compromising on the safety aspects. These glasses can, however, be used on those vehicles that are used less on the roads or meant for short drives only on city roads. 
  • OEM glasses: They use appropriate types of adhesive. Hence, it offers a similar type of structural integrity and safety to the vehicle as that of the original manufacturer-installed windscreen. Having similar features, you do not compromise on functionality and safety. But ensure it is installed only by a certified expert so that it functions to the optimum, and is reliable, and safe.
  1. Not compromising on essential features: 

  • Aftermarket glasses: They are manufactured using low-quality glasses and meant for those requiring cheap windshields for their old cars. Hence, the cost is kept in mind during its construction. Also, these types are devoid of essential functionality and features desired. This might only increase the risk of your vehicle’s structural integrity. Also, occupant safety is compromised. 
  • OEM glasses: They are constructed to match perfectly your car’s original windshield’s functionality and features. Be it in performance, tint, thickness, size, and shape, they are quite identical. Therefore, by installing this type, you don’t have to compromise on the car’s structural integrity or safety. If there occurs an unfortunate accident, OEMs are created to withstand the impact, pressure, and stress quite efficiently thus protecting lives inside. 

Select OEM windshield for your car

Whatever the brand of OEM you choose, you are likely to find something that fits perfectly your car’s exact needs. You just need to contact the auto glass shop and specify your car model and make. Also, specify your budget. The professionals will help you select a windscreen that fits accurately. Also, ensure that the fitting of the replacement glass is done by industry experts.

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