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Sony TV Sizes Chart: Select The Right Sony TV For You

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The best Sony tv sizes chart: we have tested is the Sony A95K OLED. This inspirational television delivers inconceivable picture quality in any viewing file thanks to its QD- OLED panel technology. Dark scenes look inconceivable, with perfect discrepancy and no distracting blooming around bright highlights in dark scenes. 

Colors are vibrant and naturalistic, and the television can display an incredibly wide range of colors. Thanks to Sony’s excellent processing capabilities, it delivers an image that nearly matches the content creator’s intent, with nearly perfect PQ- EOTF shadowing and fantastic grade processing.

How is Sony Screen size Calculated?

Most people believe that a TV’s announced screen size directly correlates to the television’s actual range. Still, calculating screen size is a bit more complicated than that! To decide how the TV will be retailed, it’s measured transversely from the upper left-hand corner to the lower right-hand corner. For this reason, a television’s true dimensions frequently diverge slightly from its size class. 

Sony X91J LED 4K UHD Google TV:

The X91J LED 4K UHD Google TV features Full Array LED and X-Tended Dynamic Range, which controls the backlighting to bring naturalistic depth and detail to your screen. Like the other Sony smart television models, it uses Google television technology to allow you to sluice all your favorite shows across different platforms. Unlike the other models on our list, this television comes in only one size 85 ” class. It has a range measuring 74.9” and a height of 42.9”. 

Best Sony television:

While Sony does not offer truly budget TVs like other brands, and you can find some cheaper TVs away, It’s the entry-position television in their 2023 lineup, so you can save some money if you want to give up all the gaming and other advanced-end features like original dimming. 

Still, its picture quality is not nearly as good as the Sony X90K, especially in dark apartments, because it has a different panel type with a low native discrepancy rate that results in blacks that look Argentinian. Rather, it has a wide viewing angle that makes the image remain accurate when viewed from the sides, which is ideal for wide seating arrangements.

Sony Smart Features:-

Sony has traditionally used Android television as its smart operating system, they have started to use Google television rather. It’s enough much the same as Android, with a redesigned look and many redundant features. Those who formerly have Google or Android-grounded devices will formerly know how to navigate the interface, while there might be a small literacy wind for others.


Unlike their history models, it does not have a Numpad and rather has a 123′ button that brings up a virtual Numpad on the screen. Still, it still has the same quick-access buttons to popular updated services and has a button to snappily bring up Google Assistant. While most models boat with this remote, certain models are available from some retailers with an advanced-end interpretation with backlighting.

Small Sony TVs:

Despite numerous manufacturers ’ ignoring small TVs, they’re still applicable. They may not be the primary television for numerous people, but they can still fit well in an average ménage as a Kitchen television or a bedroom television. Or indeed a dorm television for a pupil. For Sony’s portfolio, we can consider any television under 50 elevation to be a small television. Their lowest immolation is a launch from 32 elevation, which is the Sony 32-inch HD television, and this is a really old model.

Big Sony TVs:

TVs are ideal for big living spaces. They can transfigure a big empty space into an entertainment center. Big-screen TVs attract a lot of attention, but they aren’t as popular as amid-sized TVs simply because numerous consumers don’t have room for it. Still, if you do have room for it, and you have the budget for these defenses you should get one. Watching television on a big screen brings out a cinematic experience like no other.


While screen size should surely be a factor when determining which TV you’ll buy, it’s essential to consider all the confines to make the best decision. In addition to the announced screen size, be sure to look at the television’s true height and range.


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