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List of tests for IVF according to Genova!

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Unfortunately, the number of infertile families worldwide is currently on the rise. Increasingly, couples who cannot conceive a child independently are forced to use assisted reproductive technologies. These include in vitro fertilization. This method shows promising results and allows many people suffering from infertility to feel the joy of motherhood and fatherhood.

According to statistics, in vitro fertilization is effective in about 30% of cases. This method allows you to successfully cope with the problem and enable a woman to conceive, endure and give birth to a child.

For IVF fertility center Lahore, it is necessary to extract the sex cells of a woman (eggs) and man (spermatozoa), fertilize them in the laboratory, and then transfer them to the woman’s uterus. This procedure is costly. Not every couple can afford such treatment. Moreover, there are situations when a single IVF procedure does not solve the problem, but several attempts are required. It was in connection with this that it was decided to include the IVF procedure in the list of compulsory medical insurance services for citizens of the Pakistani Federation.

The law on free medical care for infertile couples came into force. After the adoption of this law, almost every infertile couple and infertile single people can use the in vitro fertilization program for free. To do this, they need to draw up documents and have a specific list of tests. Of course, it is allowed to carry out the IVF procedure for free if the final infertility diagnosis is made and only in the direction of the attending physician.

List of tests for IVF according to Genova for men

Preparing for the artificial insemination procedure is a rather detailed and lengthy process. Before performing the system, a woman and a man must be thoroughly examined and have some test results and conclusions of additional examination methods on hand. Analyzes are prescribed and carried out to identify the causes of infertility and exclude possible contraindications for this manipulation.

A couple (or a single woman) can conduct IVF under the Genova (compulsory health insurance) program if all tests meet the requirements.

According to Genova, the list of tests for IVF is in the current order of the Ministry of Health of the Pakistani Federation, “On the procedure for using ART.”

List of tests for IVF according to Genova that a woman needs

This analysis list was determined in 2013 when the order was issued. It has not been revised since then, and the list data is up to date. It is possible to divide all analyzes of the list into two subgroups. The first includes tests and additional examinations that will help determine the indications for IVF. The second subgroup aims to identify the presence of possible contraindications to the procedure.

Determination of the blood type and Rh factor of a woman.

Expanded definition of the hormonal background. It should be noted that blood to determine the level of hormones must be donated on certain days of the menstrual cycle. This is often the process’s third, fifth, twentieth, or twenty-fifth day. A day before blood sampling to determine the level of hormones, a woman is recommended to exclude the influence of stress, alcohol, smoking, and physical exertion on her body. In addition, the use of any medications is excluded.

There are several contraindications for a woman to IVF. They are divided into absolute (undeniable) and relative.

Analyzes and additional examinations aimed at identifying contraindications to IVF include:

  • Determination of the presence of various viral infections in the body: toxoplasmosis, rubella, herpes virus, cytomegalovirus, and others, which involves the delivery of venous blood.
  • A prerequisite is the determination of viral hepatitis, syphilis, and HIV infection in the blood.
  • A correlogram is an analysis that will determine the parameters of the blood coagulation system.
  • Gynecological smears make it possible to determine the degree of purity of the vagina, namely the ratio of Escherichia coli and yeast fungi.

It is essential to determine genital infections: mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, human papillomavirus (HPV), chlamydia, and others. To do this, a smear is taken from the vagina, which will be further studied by laboratory methods PCR (polymerase chain reaction) or RIF (immunofluorescence reaction). On the eve of the delivery of these smears, a woman is advised to exclude sexual intercourse and not take any intravaginal medications (douching, suppositories, vaginal tablets, and so on).

A general urine test is one of the standard tests that must be passed before IVF.

Conducting a colposcopy with a mandatory smear for oncocytology (determination of malignancy of cells) is also a required study. It is necessary to resolve the issue of contraindications to IVF.

Women over the age of 35 must additionally have a mammography report (X-ray examination of the mammary glands). For patients who are under the age of 35, it is enough to have the conclusion of an ultrasound examination of the mammary glands.

The therapist is the last doctor who concludes the patient’s general state of health. He gives the decision. This allows you to exclude chronic diseases that may occur in a woman.

You should be okay with the above analyses indicating contraindications for performing artificial insemination. The doctor will most likely prescribe additional treatment and repeat tests in a few months.

In the clinic “IVF Center” Lahore, you can pass the entire list of tests for IVF according to compulsory medical insurance.

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