Attractions to Visit In Halifax

Interesting Attractions to Visit In Halifax

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As compared to the cities of Vancouver as well as Toronto, Halifax barely qualifies as a city it has many Attractions to Visit In Halifax. But this town on the sea is far over its dimensions and is dotted with heritage buildings made of red brick as well as public parks, and a citadel that is a tourist attraction, boasting top-quality museums, as well as the home of a breathtaking four kilometre boardwalk along the oceanfront.

The constant redevelopment of downtown has not done much to improve the city’s aesthetics with its boxy office buildings and concrete caruncles that aren’t inspiring are rising up where beautiful ironstones as well as Victorian townhouses used to be however, certain notable exceptions show what is possible when city planners are more careful with their quality control. Visit Halifax by booking Cheap Flights from Toronto to Halifax, book and save more.

Halifax Central Library

The library was built on the former parking area, this magnificent modern library, comprised of glass boxes that are stacked beautifully on top of one another It was officially opened in 2014 and is now the most sought-after gathering place for Haligonians. Inside, concrete stairs rise like a painting in the atrium that leads to the roof with a café and a viewing garden.

The structure was created by Halifax-based company FBM (Fowler Bauld Mitchell) and Schmidt Hammer Lassen, based in Aarhus, Denmark, who received the building’s commission in the year the year 2010 following an international design contest.

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

The premier art museum in the province is an absolute must-see. It is home to a large collection of art from the local area and works, including the works from folk art artist Maud Lewis, including the original , tiny home where she resided for the bulk of her time, and then transformed into a live canvas.

The main exhibition in the lower hall is changed often and showcases everything from old art to the contemporary. Check out Two portraits from Nova Scotia notables by the master Joshua Reynolds: Edward Cornwallis who was the first founder and governor of Halifax and George Montagu Dunk, 2nd Earl Halifax.

The collection also includes artworks of members of the Group of Seven, an influential group of Canadian landscape painters of the 1920s and 1930s, and their associates, which included Tom Thomson, JEH MacDonald and Emily Carr.

Fairview Lawn Cemetery

In the event that the RMS Titanic sank, the bodies of the passengers who weren’t missing at sea was taken to Halifax. In addition, there 19 graves in the Mt Olivet Catholic Cemetery and 121 in the Fairview Lawn Cemetery. Graves that are frequently visited include the poignant Celtic Cross and Unknown Child monuments.

There is also one that belongs to J Dawson, a possible the name of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character from the film Titanic but as per the director James Cameron, the name echo is just a spooky coincidence.

In the same grave are William Denton Cox, the courageous steward of the 3rd class who was killed when he helped passengers get to the lifeboats.

St Paul’s Church

The oldest building that is still standing that is still standing in Halifax can also be described as the most ancient Protestant spot of worship in Canada. The church was founded in 1749 during the establishment in Halifax, St Paul’s once was home to parishioners all over the world, including Newfoundland as well as Ontario. Stop by at any time to take an escorted or self-guided tour through this impressive structure.

HMCS Sackville

The ship was commissioned in 1941. HMCS Sackville is the last remaining member from the remaining 123 Canadian corvettes that were tasked with escorting Allied convoys during the dangerous Battle of the Atlantic.

It was awash with hair-raising actions as well as fascinating on-board exhibits that look at the most memorable moments and the tales of those who were on the ship. The ship has been the official Canadian Naval Memorial since 1985, and is docked during summer in conjunction with the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

Africville Heritage Trust Museum

Discover the history of Africville the Halifax’s largely African suburb, whose residents of whom were exiled and their homes destroyed in the scandal in the 1960s. The Halifax mayor in 2010 made an apology in writing to the residents. It is a poignant fact that the museum is located in an actual model of Seaview United Baptist Church that was once the hub of the community.

Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Brewery

Brewing some of the best beer since 1820 This is among the oldest brewery chains located in North America. Today, it’s as part of an extensive complex comprising bars, shops, gift shops.

As well as The Courtyard Marriott Hotel, it’s an extremely popular destination for those who love beer, offering informative tours, ale-themed yarns, and many suds available on tap. Be sure to bring your identification card.

Halifax Town Clock

At the top of Citadel Hill, Halifax’s Palladian-style town clock appears like it could be more than at home in the Venetian lane, yet it has faithfully kept time for more than 200 years. The clock’s inner mechanisms arrived in Halifax in London in the year 1803, following having been granted by Prince Edward of Kent. Duke of Kent.


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