How Much Is Enterprise Deposit

How Much Is Enterprise Deposit? [ Know Everything Here]

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With a rented car, it becomes easy to explore any new city with ease. By renting a car, you can drive by yourself and go on a trip. Car rental services require daily rental costs and some deposits. Are you wondering How Much Is Enterprise Deposit? The rental deposits of the rented car get affected by various factors. You will have to first ask about the deposits of the rented car from the rental companies.

Enterprise deposit is the security money that you will have to pay against the rented car. The security money will get determined by numerous factors such as car model, size, and duration of the rented car. To know more about the Enterprise car rental Deposit, simply scroll down:

Why there’s Enterprise car rental Deposit?

Whenever you rent a car, there will be a need of depositing some amount as security. Apart from the daily rental cost, you will have to pay some rental car deposits. So, yes, every customer will have to deposit some money to rent a car from Enterprise.

But, you must keep in mind that the rental deposit amount will vary by Rental Company and location. Also, this rental deposit will increase or decrease based on some crucial factors. The deposit that you are submitting to the car rental company is refundable and you will get it back after returning your rented car.

To find out about the rental deposit for your trip, you will have to ask the rental company and look into their car rental company.

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How Much Is Enterprise Deposit?

Enterprise requires a security deposit if you want to rent a car. The amount varies from $100 to $500 depending on some other factors too. What the car type and model you have chosen? What is the rental duration? Are you using a debit card as a deposit? These pointers will also impact the overall deposit amount of the rental cars.

What determines the Enterprise car rental deposits?

Type of the rental car

The rental deposit of the car will also depend on what type or model of car that you have rented. There will be a huge difference in the deposits of a compact car and a sports car. If you have any doubts then make sure to ask this to the car rental company.

You should first ask for the rental car deposits of different car types and models and then decide accordingly which car you want to rent.

Duration of the rental car

The Enterprise car deposit will increase if you are renting a car for more number of days. So, the rental car company will ask you about this at the beginning.

Do compare with other car rental companies

One thing that you need to consider is that every rental car service provider will have different rental deposits. So, you need to ask about the rental deposits from some of the reliable car rental companies. Once you know about their rental deposits, it becomes easy for you to choose the rental company that has lesser rental deposits.

Tips to know when renting a car and depositing security money

Check the rental company’s website

If you don’t want any last minute confusion about the rental deposits, you must check the company’s website. Here, you’ll get to know all the details. When you do this, you get to know what their policies are regarding deposits of the rental car company. In addition to this, the company’s policy will help you to decide whether it is the best rental company to hire a car or not.

Don’t skip the car return date

If you want to save deductions of your rental money then you must return the rented car on time. Whenever you fail to do so, many rental companies deduct the security deposits as a late charge. Make sure to return the rented car on the committed return date. If you are unable to do so for any reason then contact the car rental company and notify them about the issue.

In addition to this, before riding the rented car, you should take photographs of the car from all the sides. This will be helpful for you as a proof that you are returning the rented car in the same condition as it was before.


The car deposits of the rental car companies depend on numerous factors. In this blog, we have listed out some of why deposits are necessary and factors that affect the overall rental deposits. Here, you will get to know How Much Is Enterprise Deposit in a detailed manner.


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