How much does a crime scene investigator make?

How much does a crime scene investigator make?

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How much does a crime scene investigator make?

The crime scene investigator is a professional who collaborates in the resolution of crimes through the application of methods and techniques of natural and exact sciences, as well as the careful collection and analysis of physical evidence.

crime scene investigator, or CSI. Typically trained to collect human samples such as hair, tissue, and fluids from a crime victim or capable of performing tests on items declared evidence.

In other words, a CSI evaluates and submits objects and samples for analysis in order to provide precise information that helps in the reconstruction of the facts of a crime for its resolution and thus acquire or incriminate a suspect.

crime scene investigator is a suspicious, meticulous, exhaustive, analytical person, capable of quickly inferring facts and situations, works in an environment of continuous intellectual challenges, and earns very competitive salaries in most cases.

Among the competencies of a CSI is the writing and preparation of forms and written reports on their findings. Offer oral or written opinions in criminal trials. Give diagnoses on physical evidence and assist or support forensic doctors.

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Let’s see some variables that affect the salary received by a crime scene investigator or CSI, How Much Does A Crime Scene Investigator Make?

Occupation title and salaries

Crime Scene Investigator is an informal job title. For the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) identifies scientists who collect evidence from crime scenes and analyze these materials in police laboratories, as “forensic science technicians. “

According to the BLS Occupational Statistics Survey report as of May 2017, salaries for forensic science technicians averaged $61,220. This represents 22% more than the US$49,857 reached ten years ago.

In terms of pay or hourly fees, that translates to $27.81 an hour, up from $23.97 in 2008.

Salary Variations

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, salary levels for forensic science technicians in 2017 ranged from $15,070 a year for the bottom 10% to more than $84,000 a year for the top 10%. This represents a wide dispersion in their remuneration.

The median salary level for forensic science technicians was $61,220 per year. Salaries also differ by employer, with more forensic science technicians working for state and law enforcement agencies.

Forensic scientists in federal government agencies last year earned an average of $96,070 a year, while state government salaries for forensic scientists were $66,340 a year.

federal agencies

Forensic science technicians working in the federal government earned significantly higher salaries than crime scene investigators in state and local law enforcement agencies.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that forensic technicians working in federal agencies earned salaries of approximately $92,100 in 2016.

However, the Bureau of Statistics also hints that federal agencies employ far fewer forensic scientists than state and local governments.


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