How Indian Students Can Study In Germany?

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It is the dream of several Indian students to study in Germany. But getting into a college in Germany is not an easy task. And don’t think that being good in education will help you get admission to your dream college in Germany.

There is no need to waste time searching blindly on the internet about the ways you can follow if you want to study in Germany. Let’s discuss a guide which you can follow if you want to get admission to a German college.


  1. Find the university and study program– You must first choose the course of study you want to pursue in Germany. Several study abroad websites are available online; you can check out their website.

Thankfully, there are many possibilities because there are over 380 accredited higher education institutions in Germany offering more than 17,000 courses. So, unless you don’t have specific and defined future goals, finding one won’t be too difficult.

A way would be to do an online search to gather the names of all those universities and course modules, but this is not advised since it may take a lot of your time. Instead, you can use our extensive database of German institutions to guide you through each one.

You can now scan their course descriptions to see if there are any German institutions that provide exactly what you’re looking for.

From there, you can create a shortlist of colleges and programmes you believe will best suit your academic objectives.


  1. University requirements– Now that you have a goal in mind, it is time to figure out how to get there. You must confirm the university of your choice’s entrance requirements.

Open the university’s website and carefully read the section on admissions for more information. Make a strategy to finish each task one at a time and take notes if required.

Never be afraid to email the institution and ask questions if there is anything you don’t understand about the processes.

Keep in mind that eligibility requirements for Indian students to study in Germany vary from university to university and based on the topic of study.

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  1. Application process– It’s time to submit your university application when you’ve finished the required paperwork. The application can be submitted online, by mail, or in person.

Although online applications are more common, several German universities exclusively accept applications sent via mail or in person.

The majority of German institutions are a part of the UniAssist platform, which enables online course application submission.

On the other hand, some colleges continue to operate their online application systems. You must submit the application documents in either PDF or JPG format.


  1. Getting the admission letter – Once your application has been submitted successfully, you must wait while the university’s admissions committee reviews it.

You should be informed that while German colleges get a sizable number of applications from abroad, processing your application will take some time.

Under normal circumstances, the university will email you to confirm whether or not you have been accepted into their institution within a few weeks.


  1. Visa for Indian students– Indian students need to apply for a visa in advance to study in Germany.

After getting the acceptance letter, print it out and take it to the German consulate in your country. The documents and steps you need to take to apply for a student visa to study in Germany will be listed by the staff members there.

Students must need a few documents such as the admission letter, proof of health insurance coverage, university entrance qualification and proof of language proficiency.


  1. Find your accommodation– Finding housing in Germany is the last requirement to be approved to study in Germany as an international student.

Although there are many apartments available for rent, picking the most suitable one might take time and additional money, so it is advised that you resolve this matter before your arrival in Germany.

At least you have a list of resources to solve your housing concerns after you get to Germany if you are unable to locate one online.

To reduce the overall cost of living in Germany as an international student, it is also advised that you look for someone with whom you may share an apartment.

If you don’t know someone, try for a roommate by joining online communities for Indian students studying in Germany.

Keep in mind that after you select a place to stay, you must visit the local government to register your address in Germany.

Additionally, if you don’t have a copy of your registration address, you won’t be able to enrol in your course at the university.


  1. Financial resources– In order to be permitted to study in Germany as an international student, you must have specific financial support. The government wants to give the chance to those students who can pay for their education and do not anticipate having to rely solely on government aid, which would put a strain on the nation’s finances.

The blocked account is by far the best approach to demonstrate that you have the financial means to attend school in Germany out of all the options. The current requirement for Indian students seeking to study in Germany is that they have at least €8,700 deposited in their blocked account.


  1. Funding options– Due to its substantial scholarship and student loan programmes, Germany is a particularly welcoming nation to international students. Therefore, if you’re a talented student, we suggest that you look for one.

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  1. Part-time opportunities – Working part-time is another opportunity for you, as an Indian student studying in Germany, to pay for a portion of your expenses.

Only a handful of nations, including Germany, permit international students to work up to 20 hours per week to help pay for their education.



Follow the above-mentioned steps to smoothly get into a college based in Germany. In case you need assistance, you can always reach out to online education counsellors and ask for guidance.


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