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When it comes to transporting a vehicle across the country, there are a number of considerations that must be made. You are aware that you need to find an affordable method of transporting your vehicle in the state of Washington, but you also need to think about the timing, transparency, and insurance of the transaction.

We have compiled a list of five helpful hints to make the process of exporting your vehicle less stressful:


  • Think about the different options.
  • Compare auto transport quotes
  • Pick a company to work for.
  • Prepare your automobile for collection.
  • Check for damage


There are five stages to the process of transporting a vehicle across the country.

1. Evaluate your choices

When it comes to transporting a vehicle from one end of the country to the other, you have a number of different choices. It is important to consider all of your options before settling on a company to transport your vehicle before making a decision.

Utilise your automobile

You can still investigate the possibility of driving your vehicle, despite the fact that many people choose to ship their cars rather than drive them. Take into consideration that you are required to account for fuel. If you plan on staying for more than one day, you will need to add additional funds to your budget for lodging and food. Due to the rapid accumulation of these costs, you may occasionally be able to sell your vehicle for a price that is lower than what it would cost you to operate it.

Use a rented truck to pull your own vehicle behind it.

On the highway, you’ve probably seen a U-Haul truck transporting a vehicle of some kind. To move the vast majority of automobiles, a car trailer or a tow dolly is typically utilised (a mini-trailer with only two wheels). When travelling further than 500 kilometres, car trailers are typically very expensive to rent. Two dollies, on the other hand, can help you save money in a variety of situations, including during interstate travel.

Sell your automobile

You have the option of selling your vehicle if you do not have the resources necessary to operate it, be it time or money. Because selling a car in today’s market requires so little effort, you could put that money towards paying for moving costs or purchasing a replacement vehicle (thanks to the internet).

Because selling your car is a drastic step, we will only advise you to take it if you are unable to pay for the services of an auto transport company or if you are planning to purchase a new vehicle.

2. Compare auto transport quotes

The cost of transporting a vehicle varies on a daily basis depending on a variety of factors including distance, geography, the condition of the vehicle, and the mode of auto transport in Texas. Because the price difference between the least expensive and most expensive auto transport providers can be more than $500 for a trip across the country, it is in your best interest to get multiple bids for the job.

What are the key differences between open and enclosed modes of transportation?

You have the option of transporting your vehicle across the country in either an open or enclosed vehicle. If you choose to transport your vehicle using an open carrier, the cost will be lower; however, your vehicle will be forced to share space with up to ten other vehicles and will be exposed to the elements. The price of an enclosed carrier is approximately forty percent higher than the price of an open carrier because it has four walls instead of two and transports fewer vehicles.

The overwhelming majority of shipments across state lines are carried out by open carriers. You might want to think about getting an enclosed container for your classic or luxury car.

Can you tell me how much it will cost to ship a car across the country?

It costs approximately $1,700 to transport a car across the country from one coast to the other. (2,000 miles). You will spend less on shipping costs if you choose open transport rather than the most secure enclosed auto transport. The cost of your trip along Route 66 can be reduced if you do not travel the entire length of the highway.

3. Decide on a company

When it comes to shipping your vehicle, hiring one of the best auto transport companies we recommend can frequently save you hundreds of dollars. We recommend that you look for the following characteristics in a company that transports automobiles:


 In order to find the most affordable rates, it is recommended to solicit price quotes from at least three or four different companies that specialise in the transport of automobiles. According to the findings of our investigation of nearly 700 price quotes, Ship a Car Direct is frequently 20% cheaper than the average cost in the industry.

Excellent client service.

 We determined that customers rate auto shipping companies an average of 4.62 out of 5 stars, based on an analysis of more than one hundred thousand ratings and reviews. Take into consideration a business like Sherpa Auto Transport, which has a rating that is significantly above the norm.

A long past

. The auto transportation broker industry is notorious for the high number of businesses that fail within a short amount of time. We recommend going with a company that is at least ten years old when making your choice. It is even possible to locate auto transporters with more than twenty years of industry experience, such as American Auto Shipping.

Extra insurance. 

It is not very common for vehicles to sustain damage, but it does not hurt to be cautious. Look around for a company that offers coverage that is in addition to what you already have. For example, AmeriFreight offers gap coverage that will pay $2,000 towards the fulfilment of your deductible.

4. Ensure that your automobile is prepared to be picked up.

The auto transport company near me will come and pick up your vehicle as soon as it is ready to be shipped. Following the loading of your vehicle into the truck, the driver will then leave the premises. Before you say your goodbyes, make sure that you have completed some of the more important tasks on the vehicle shipping checklist.

Ensure your car is driveable. Your vehicle needs to be in working order. Check the battery and the pressure in your tires. Also, check the levels of all fluids and the oil.

Make sure the emergency brake is working. Vehicle shipping companies will not take any vehicles that are not fully operational.

Make sure that your gas tank has less than a quarter of its capacity left. The greater the amount of fuel a vehicle has, the heavier it will be (the more it costs to transport it).

Eliminate attachments. Take off any accessories, such as bike racks or antennas, that could become damaged or fall off while being shipped.

Clean your automobile. Because a clean vehicle makes it much simpler to spot any signs of damage, this is an essential step in the process of getting your vehicle ready for shipping.

Disable your alarm. If it goes off, it might be annoying for the person driving your vehicle.

Put away your electronic parking pass for the time being. If your device is active, you will still be required to pay the toll.

5. Check for damage upon delivery

Even though it is highly unlikely that your vehicle will sustain any damage, you should still check on it. A legal record called a bill of lading will detail any potential damage to the shipment. The auto shipping companies want you to sign the agreement when you pick up your vehicle so that you can’t blame them for any damage that was already present.

At the time of delivery, however, your signature is required on the bill of lading that has been prepared. If you don’t document the damage (by taking pictures and providing a detailed description), the auto transport company may argue that it wasn’t their fault even though they caused it. And the process of filing an insurance claim becomes nearly impossible as a result.We’ve put together a guide to auto transport insurance to help you navigate the process and give you a better understanding of the terminology used in the insurance industry.


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