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Check These 8 Things Before Applying for Dubai Tourist Visa

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Dubai is the most beautiful place for those who are fond of travelling to the most luxurious home in the world. The site is full of world-class buildings, infrastructures, shopping malls, monuments, etc. Dubai has the world’s most attended tourist destinations in the world.

So, thanks to all the fantastic places in Dubai, it is a perfect destination for Indian tourists. But there are some specific things that you must consider for your trip to Dubai. And the most significant thing is the Dubai tourist Visa.

The first thing you need to know about the Dubai tourist visa is that it is compulsory for your Dubai holiday from India, irrespective of the duration. Also, there are some very crucial points you need to keep in mind that are listed below:

Types of Dubai Tourist Visa

You will find two types of tourist visas for Dubai. These two types of tourist visas are majorly dependent upon the duration of your Dubai tour from India.

The first is the 14-day Dubai tourist Visa which allows the tourist to stay in Dubai for 14 days during their Dubai Tour. The validity of this Visa is for two months, and you will get it once you arrive in Dubai.

The second one is the Dubai tourist visa for 30 days. If you have opted for this Visa for your trip to Dubai from India, you must complete it within 60 days. If you wish to extend, you can do the same for ten days with specific terms and conditions. Also, check the validity since it will expire on the 60th day from the issued date.

Required Documents For Dubai Tourist Visa from India

While filling up your application for a tourist visa for Dubai, you should have some of the documents handy. So, let us see what documents you should carry with you.

  • Passport with a minimum validity of six months.
  • 4 to 5 copies of your passport-sized photo.
  • Correctly filled out Dubai visa application with one copy.
  • Your Dubai tour itinerary and its details.
  • Your flight and hotel booking proofs.
  • One copy of the tour tickets that you booked.
  • A proof or bank statement that supports that you have enough money to complete your success.
  • A document to verify your address proof.
  • A letter from someone who is your sponsor, friend, relative or travel agency in Dubai.

So, these were the essential documents required to fill up the application form for a Dubai tourist visa. Make sure you qualify for all the requirements for the Visa and submit all the legal documents and applications on time.

Criteria for Visa on Arrival

Although Dubai offers a Tourist Visa on arrival, there are still some requirements that you must meet for the same. Following are the conditions and the features of the Dubai tourist visa on arrival:

Citizens should be holding an ordinary passport with any of the following:

  • USA Visit Visa
  • USA green card
  • UK residence Visa
  • EU Residence Visa

The visa you get on arrival to Dubai is valid for 14 days, and you can extend it only once.

The passenger’s passport should have six months of validity.

The traveller must pay the fees i.e. 100 Dirhams

Dubai Tourist E-VISA

Since everything is now digitalized and can be found online mode as well, similarly, you can apply for a Dubai tourist visa online. To appeal for the E-visa, you require to follow the given steps,

Apply For Tourist E-Visa

Firstly, you need to download the online form and fill it in with all the accurate information. Ensure you are not filling up the wrong information, or the visa process will be delayed.

The next step will be providing your legal and original information, such as contact, passport, address proof, etc.

The last step of confirming your application will be paying the fees for the e-Visa of Dubai. Once the payment is made, you will receive the unique confirmation code.

Once your Dubai tourist e-visa is approved, get a copy and take it with you on your trip.

Documents Required for Dubai Tourist E-Visa

A passport is a must for all travellers applying for a Visa with a minimum 6-month validity. This requirement is a must for all applicants, irrespective of offline and online.

It would be best if you had a digital photograph that must have been taken in recent months.

An email address of your own.

Steps to Apply

Step 1: Fill out the form for both online and offline modes. Also, maintain a replica of the application form you fill out for a Visa.

Step 2: Attach a scanned copy of your passport with six months validity, a colourful digital photograph of yourself, a coloured scanned copy of your I’d proof, and a letter from your sponsor.

Step 3: According to the visa you are applying for, you need to make the payment.

Step 4: Apply any additional documents that can increase your potential to get the Visa.

Cost for Different Dubai Tourist Visas

Now, the last tip for your Dubai tourist Visa is about the cost of the Visa or the fees. So, the prices depend upon the type of Visa you are applying for. The price for a tourist Visa is Rs.5690 whereas for 48 hours Visa is Rs.820.

The 14 Days Visa to Dubai from India will cost Rs.5690 whereas 90 Days Visa is Rs.14100. The charges for an express visa are higher. The express 14 Days Visa cost is Rs. 7310, and the 90 Days Multi Entry Long Term Visa fee is Rs.34300.

Hence, these are some straightforward measures you need to understand while appealing for your Dubai tourist visa from India. You also get the service of the arrival visa in Dubai. The easy visa process makes it a more suitable place for you from India.


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