Creative Ways to Personalise Your Wedding Car: Ideas and Inspiration

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Weddings are amazing, but what makes weddings even better is having all your friends and family there to share in one of your happiest moments. Decorating your car as you approach a wedding is one of the coolest and most fun ways to show respect for the special day. One of the greatest and most fun ways to show appreciation for the happy event is the custom of individuals decorating their cars as they get closer to weddings. Many people adhere to this tradition. If you’ve ever been to one of these events, you’ve probably seen a decorated car at least once. 


Hiring a chauffeur car is no longer difficult. Making your car special, charming, and exquisitely decorated can enhance the event’s significance. With its wide assortment of cars, Bridelimo may make your wedding an occasion out of a storybook. Whether you prefer luxury or are a fan of vintage cars, we also have a fleet of cars. We also have a vintage collection, so when people see your entry, they are astonished.


If you’ve never done this before but want to give it a shot, feel free to continue until the end of the piece because we’ll give you some tips on decorating your car for such a special occasion. Bridelimo provides the best luxury, contemporary wedding automobile rental service in London. In addition to their luxury and contemporary wedding car options, Bridelimo also offers a classic car chauffeur service, providing couples with a variety of timeless and elegant vehicles to choose from. Let’s examine it.

Bows and Contemporary Flower Bouquets

If you want to embrace the wedding/bridal concept, attach bows to your car’s mirrors and hood using white or off-white fabric. If you want to be creative, include extras like simple floral arrangements. You can place small flower bouquets in front of the car or even tiny floral designs to hang from the side view mirrors. Choose single-coloured, vivid flowers or multiple blossoms in deeper tones, such as red roses and burgundy peonies, for a simpler approach.


A thrilling and memorable experience is your first vehicle journey as a married couple. We’re sharing some of our favourite wedding car decoration ideas to get your creative juices flowing because dressing up your vehicle can make the occasion even more memorable.


Although balloons are a beautiful addition to wedding cars, they are much more appropriate for driving in photos. Write wedding-related words on balloons (such as your name, wedding date, or wedding sentiments like I do or Happily Ever) for a fun photo opportunity with your partner and your getaway car. For the greatest visual impact, use balloons that match the colour scheme of your wedding. Once more, deflate the balloons or get them out of the way before you drive because failing to do so could damage your vision.


Pom Poms

The wedding car could be tastefully and affordably decorated with tiny plastic pom poms. Better yet, you could make your pom poms. The windows, bumper, and hood may all be lined with pom poms. Unless they match the car’s colour, which would necessitate using other contrasting colours, utilise the couple’s wedding colours.


Take these decorations from your automobile before utilising any roads. Pom poms may be fastened to a strong rope and hung from the rear of your vehicles like streamers and car cans. In this way, the colourful poms will flop on the ground as soon as you start to drive away.

Just Married Sign For A Car

With a newly married sign on your car, you can announce your marriage to your partner in a conventional way. The happy couple will receive a priceless keepsake thanks to this clever plan that involves painting their wedding car. Add streamers, cans, strings, and wooden “just married” signs to customise this traditional décor for a rustic or traditional look. Use the easily available Just Married licence plates from party supply stores or online. On some, the names of the couple and the day of their wedding may even be engraved. It can be put in the back window of the wedding party’s car or attached to the front.

Flowers or Greenery Wreaths

There are numerous ways to adorn the wedding car with real or fake flowers and greenery, and if you have a trained florist on-site, your possibilities are much more varied. Choose evergreen greenery that you can weave into a wreath as an alternative to the usual floral arrangement, such as rosemary, pine, myrtle, and lemon leaf. Using greenery wreaths to adorn wedding cars is fantastic and unique, and it works particularly well for bohemian, rustic, and nature-inspired weddings.


A unique way to use ribbons to decorate the wedding car. Ribbons will give the wedding car a sophisticated and fashionable appearance. Ribbons are always ideal for every occasion, including weddings, parties, and celebrations. Ribbons and other figurines in various styles can be combined to create a lovely automobile adornment. For a more enticing appearance, you can also contrast the ribbons and balloons on the bonnet when presenting the front view. Ribbons can be used to make bows or to adorn cars. Add various combinations of tulle, ribbon, and fresh flowers to the bridal car. This type of decoration will catch everyone’s attention.

Cheerful Wedding Car Cans

Cans are a fun and iconic way to decorate wedding cars, even according to traditionalists. Cans rattling against one another as they move through the streets produce the most organic noises. Fastening the cans to your bumper is the best solution, but make sure they are empty and label-free. Tin cans are a traditional wedding décor; you can attract attention by rolling around the streets with them behind you. To prevent lumpy and untidy appearances, make sure you only use empty cans and arrange them neatly. The cans should also be label-free, and any labels there should be secured with rope or sturdy yarn to prevent them from coming undone during erratic driving.

Floral centrepiece in the form of a heart

Large floral arrangements put at the front of bridal cars are common. Create a floral centrepiece in the shape of a heart out of the bride’s favourite flowers if you’re searching for something more imaginative. By choosing flowers that are prominent in the bride’s bouquet or that coordinate with the colour scheme chosen for the occasion, you may match it to the wedding theme.

Marriage hashtag

A larger vehicle, such as a private shuttle or school bus, is required if you carry your bridal party. Put your wedding hashtag on the side using the spare space! This couple’s hashtag was painted on the side of the bus thanks to family connections, but personalised signage is a terrific short-term choice that can be taken down after your wedding.

Tulle Covers

Tulle is a classy fabric option if you’re looking for a simple wedding car decoration. The ends of the tulle Veil can be knotted in ribbons and draped over the car’s hood. Also, elaborate tulle arrangements can be created in place of floral ones. But take caution to secure them to the car because tulle is a fairly light fabric that the wind may easily carry away while the car moves.

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Weddings are extraordinary occasions, and everything about them is lovely, especially when everyone drives to the location together while flashing colourful decorations and making musical announcements.



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