Confluence Review vs Miro Reviews: What are the Users Saying…

Confluence Review vs Miro Reviews: What are the Users Saying… 

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Project management software can simplify workflows and ensure that you are meeting deadlines. This Confluence review vs Miro reviews guide will share their key features, pricing plans, and more to help you decide which of the two is rated high by average users.

Confluence is a collaborative workplace that helps businesses prepare, organize, and collaborate. It can also be used to examine project documentation. Through its open modules, organizations can have access to information and resources. You can manage product releases. It serves as a consolidated repository for content access related to specific projects. Employees can upload and access business data in a centralized location.

Miro is a cloud-based collaboration solution for small and medium-sized businesses. A digital whiteboard is included in the system for research, brainstorming, generating customer journeys, and producing user narrative maps. Users can create mockups and schemes using the solution’s whiteboard features. You can also write down thoughts and comment on other users’ efforts. Boards can be created using pre-loaded templates and then converted into a presentation or saved as PDFs.

Confluence Software

Project Management

All tasks should be kept in a single location accessible to everyone. Organize all information from emails, texts, and applications into one location containing critical project information such as meeting notes, files, policies, people, and more. Users can collaborate with peers and teammates to discuss, create, and manage projects. Create product specifications and a knowledge base, and allow each team member to participate via feedback or inline comments.

Information Sharing

Allow employees broad access to information while limiting sensitive information through permissions. You can monitor active projects, recently visited locations, and popular feeds. You will also have access to an activity on your personal home pages. To preserve transparency, give the most recent news and announcements to everyone.

Team Collaboration

With customizable authorization settings, you can manage information access. Employees can also contribute to the knowledge base. Individual contributions can be tracked using version control. It alerts you of any changes. You can keep an up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge base for everyone. It can be used to keep an effective feedback loop for collaborators. To make better decisions, incorporate employee feedback, threads, and comments into common knowledge.

Confluence Pricing

The Confluence software offers 3-tiered pricing:

  • Freemium: The free plan includes a user cap of ten, making it perfect for startups. Furthermore, the program provides an endless number of workspaces and pages. This plan allows team members to create as many workspaces as they need during task management. They are also permitted to build their own structures. They can keep task-specific to-do lists and files.
  • Standard: Costs $5/per user, paid monthly. This Confluence pricing includes all of the features of the Free plan. It also provides storage, page permissions, and an archiving tool. This package also includes anonymous access and full access to Confluence sites.
  • Premium: Costs $10/per user, paid monthly. Managers can regulate and manage visibility. Site administrators might utilize a unique admin key to resolve authorization difficulties in limited zones. Using this key, they can verify the active permission control for each user.

Confluence Demo

The Confluence demo shows how the application operates. It can help you navigate the software’s features. Contact the support staff to organize an official Confluence demo.

Confluence Reviews

Confluence review shows that are many satisfied users. Many love that they can merge their data into a company wiki.

Some users find it helpful that Confluence lets them “search for a project and overview it.”

Some think that Confluence gets complicated because you have to “follow a chain of links” to find relevant documents.

Miro Software

Miro Live Embed

The Miro Live Embed integrates the Miro whiteboard with tools and documents for more productive work. Enterprise users are provided with APIs (application programming interfaces). This feature makes it easy for the team to create reports and stay current on developments. ITSM (IT Service Management) solutions can also manage data.

Video Conferencing

Miro also features a useful video-calling option that allows you to conduct brief meetings. You can conduct video calls while collaborating on the digital whiteboard. In reality, you can utilize Miro as a Zoom substitute to avoid chaotic screen-sharing sessions or being the lone driver of all participants.

Miro Pricing

  • Freemium: No cost. This plan offers three editable boards, premade templates, and attention management with basic capabilities. It also provides core integrations.
  • Starter: Costs $8/per person, paid monthly. This plan offers unlimited editable boards and project folders. It can also be used to invite unlimited visitors. It further provides board version history, customizable templates, and high-resolution data export.
  • Business: Costs $16/per person, paid monthly. This plan offers unlimited guests for boards. It also provides capabilities such as Miro Smart Diagramming and Miro Smart Meetings. It also offers private workspaces for teams and clients.
  • Enterprise: The cost of the enterprise is customized by the Miro sales team for each company. This plan supports enterprise-grade security and compliance. It also offers SIEM (Splunk) integrations, data governance, and centralized account management and insights.

Miro Demo

If you want to get the most out of your Miro membership, you should try out the demo. The application contains a Miro demo and a blog to help you grasp the relevance and functional benefits.

Miro Reviews

Miro reviews show that users have a satisfactory interaction with the platform.

According to some reviews, Miro is a “beautiful platform” that helps the team engage better.

It also helps them reduce “bias with anonymous voting” during brainstorming sessions.

However, in the long run, Miro can get expensive, which is challenging for some users to afford.

In a Nutshell…

Confluence and Miro consolidate company data, but Confluence is designed as a company-wiki software. Conversely, Miro can also be used for dynamic product planning with conferences and online whiteboards.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which of the two suits your work.


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