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Business Cards: An Effective Tool Even in the Digital Generation

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Business cards are used by brand owners or executives or professionals as a marketing tool. These are often made of premium quality paper or cardboard not just a piece of paper, and these have information like the name of the individual, their contact information, their occupation, and other necessary things on one or both sides of them.

One might think that there is no relevance to a business card in this digital age of today and they are just an outdated marketing tool. But that is very much wrong as they are still handed out by business owners and other professionals to individuals as a way of growing their network and also advertising their work to individuals around them.

Brand owners can be often seen handing out rectangular or raised spot business cards at business fairs and corporate events. Moreover, it also helps in creating a good first impression about a company because have a professional and put-together look to them. Having a business card can help a business owner in many other ways. Some of these ways are listed below.

  • Easy to use – Handing out a business card doesn’t require any involvement of technology, all that an individual has to do is physically give it to the people around them. Moreover, it also eliminates the chance of getting any information leaked to a complete stranger, the person knows to whom they are giving their business card.
  • Simple yet effective marketing – Business cards are not just relevant rather they are very much effective in attracting targeted customers. They not just share the contact information about a brand owner or executive but share necessary details about the brand. Business cards are one of the most simple and reliable forms of marketing tool, which is one reason why it is still used by individuals even after decades later their invention.
  • Simple to pass on – One reason why many companies are still associated with the production of rectangular business cards or plastic postcards is that they are extremely easy to pass on. They are just handed out and just like that they stay with the individuals for years. Moreover, an individual can create a chain of networks by giving the card to someone they know and then that person goes on refer the business by passing it on to someone they know. This can really help a business in growing as word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways of marketing.
  • Creates professional impression – There is a popular belief that it all lies in the first impression, good quality business cards like raised spot business cards made out of premium quality paper are highly effective in creating a good first impression. Moreover, when a business owner or representative readily hands out a business card it translates into their preparedness and professionalism of them. So it is always suggested that company heads carry a few business cards with them at all times so that they don’t face any problems when they get asked to share their business card.


What are the components of a good business card?

Be that plastic postcards or business cards, the components are very important in making them look good and effective. This is why designers of big companies that produce business cards take a lot of time to minutely and efficiently design these cards. Some of the must-have components of a good business card are listed.

  • Name – The name of the cardholder and the company are the most important thing on a business card, otherwise, how the receiver would have issues understanding whom they are contacting. The designer should also emphasize where to put the name so that it gets maximum attention.
  • Contact information – Contact information like a phone number or email address or address should also be listed on the card. If an individual has multiple phone numbers, then they list them according to their purpose.
  • Logo – A logo is like an emblem of a company and helps in establishing the identity of a company. One may not always remember the name of a company but a logo will always stay on their mind with which they will be able to relate to the company.


Key findings

Business cards are one of the most efficient and cost-effective tools for marketing which is why they still hold relevance in this digital age.

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