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Best Tips to Ace the IELTS Exam

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The IELTS exam is conducted to help the candidates access their level of English proficiency. So that they can use their scores as evidence of English proficiency during applications for visa approval, job, or admissions. Do you also want to take the IELTS exam in order to get proof of your English proficiency? Well, if yes, then make sure to abide by the tips mentioned in this article to get an excellent IELTS band score.

Excelling in the IELTS exam requires considerable proficiency in the English language. Note that you will not have to answer the definitions of prepositions, nouns, or conjunctions. In fact, you will be given some questions that are based on real-life experience to check if you can use the English language in your professional and academic life well or not. Therefore, you have to use a practical approach to improving your proficiency in the English language.

To book the IELTS exam date, browse the official website of the exam conducting body and look for the available exam dates. From the available options, chose the most adequate exam date for you.

Get a comprehensive understanding of the best tips to ace the IELTS exam through the following pointers:

Access the basic idea

Before you start your exam preparations, you must access the basic idea of the exam. For instance, what questions are asked, the length of the exam, the grading system, the instructions, etc. You can’t start to read the book after finalizing your decision of appearing for the exam. You must get these basic ideas through sample papers. Without taking a glance at the sample papers, your exam preparations couldn’t be considered effective enough to get you the desirable IELTS exam score. Thus, get the sample papers in order to have a basic idea about the exam

Four language skills

Note that during IELTS exam preparations, you have to focus on polishing your English listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills extensively. Whatever you have learned through the grammar books, try to implement these rules in your day-to-day life. Well, you can do this, through writing, speaking with your friends, listening to audiobooks, etc. Throughout the entire preparation period, make sure to polish your all English language skills without any discrimination.

Grammar book

The next most important thing that you require after sample papers is an efficient grammar book. Well, if you are taking help of the online websites to learn grammar rules, then, this is good. But a well-recognized book will help you learn the rules in an organized manner. Well, the best book that I personally came across ever is the English Guide to English Grammar. The book elaborates on every single grammar rule with examples. Anyone having knowledge of basic English can understand the English language easily. You can also stick to another book but make sure that the book is authentic and elaborate on every grammar rule.


If possible then, buy an official Oxford dictionary in paper format from the market. The book can cost you around 200 Rs but surely help you grow your English vocabulary for your IELTS exam. Find a perfect spot in your home, get a bowl of soup or a cup of coffee, and start to explore new words from your dictionary on a daily basis for five minutes. But remember that overconsumption of coffee is bad for health.

The word order

Well, you must grasp a profound understanding of word order in the English language. Therefore, get help from the youtube tutorials to have a comprehensive understanding of the word order in the English language. In addition to this, understand the proper use of gerunds and infinitives. This will surely aid you in forming sentences with the utmost accuracy.

Book the PTE exam dates through the official website of the exam conducting body. Make sure to have a look at all the available exam dates.


We hope that you will abide by all the above-mentioned tips in order to ace the IELTS exam. Even if you are studying under the surveillance of the experts, make sure to immerse in the English language by yourself as well. Because immersing yourself in the English language is the isle responsibility of the English learner.


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