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Traveling is becoming more and more popular by the day due to which there is an emergence of unique ways to explore places. The trend nowadays is to give your cars a rest and explore a city on a bicycle. Yes, it is a thing now. The main purpose behind cycling tours is to explore a city in a new light by visiting tiny streets, every nook and corner that are not approachable by cars. Rajasthan, the princely state, has become the pioneer in taking this way of exploration to a whole new level. Cycle tours in Jaipur have grown by the bounds and leap in the last few years. A couple of years back, there were very few cycling groups. However, now there are so many of them, some are open to new cyclists, and the rest are closed, comprising friends. Nonetheless, you do not have to join a cycling group to explore the city on a bicycle. Castle Kanota, one of the best heritage hotels in Jaipur, organizes really amazing Jaipur cycle tours for you to truly explore the city. In this article, we, at Castle Kanota, will share with you several places that are literally the best for cycling tours in Jaipur.

Cycle Tours To The Best Places In Jaipur

  • Nahargarh Fort Via Kanak Ghati

The road of Nahargarh Fort via Kanak Ghati and Jal Mahal is among the most popular cycling routes in Jaipur. It is definitely an excellent one because it offers a ride through a spectacular route with slightly challenging sections. The hill allows you to enjoy panoramic views of the city, especially the Jal Mahal in Mansagar.

You only need a while to reach the middle of nature. For a seasoned cyclist, ascending is not really challenging but if you are a beginner, then we recommend you to take route number 2. 

In order to reach Nahargarh Fort on a bicycle, you can take one of two cycling routes. The first one is via Kanak Ghati and the other one is an old steep cobbled path from Purani Basti. The latter can be taken by seasoned cyclists. 

  • Sagar Lake In Amer

The cycle route to Sagar Lake behind Amer Fort involves a notable section of route number 1 mentioned above to Kanak Ghati. It is not a challenging one for a regular cyclist. The sections with inclines are Kheri Gate and Kanak Ghati to Sagar Lake. So, it is not challenging for beginners either. The best part of this cycling route is the tranquility you will experience at Sagar Lake. It is surrounded by hills on the sides. Since Sagar Lake is located in a valley, it makes for an enthralling experience. 

  • The Cycling Route Via Nevta Dam

Nevta Dam is an unparalleled choice for people when looking for the best routes to cycle in Jaipur. There are two routes for this cycling destination with an equal distance. As a cyclist, this route allows you to experience the adventurous fun of some unpaved sections, thereby giving you an MTB vibe with a road bike. However, for an alternative option, you can choose the route going through Tonk Road and Muhana Mandi. You will have to ride from Albert Hall to Nevta Dam which is approximately 25 kilometers.

  • Mahal Road

Mahal Road is yet another popular route when we talk about Jaipur cycle tours for cyclists who prefer well-paved distance riding. A round trip is approximately 30-40 kilometers, depending on where you are starting. Cyclists prefer this route because it has a six-lane road- the Mahal Road. The traffic on this route is minimal. Jagatpura is an upcoming area and is therefore immensely vast with open land. This is perfect for those seeking fresh air and wanting to escape the concrete jungle for a while.

  • JLN Road Cycling

JLN road is the most popular cycling route for seasoned as well as beginner cyclists. It is not even difficult to understand as JLN road is a straight 10-kilometer well-paved road and perfect for hybrid cycles and road bikes. You can choose sections based on time and effort. It is usually preferred by those who are short on time. They ride a couple of rounds to clock the desired distance. Patrika Gate is the most preferred endpoints of this route than Jaipur International Airport. 

Summing Up The Jaipur Cycle Tour

The tours mentioned above are some of the best cycling destinations for every cyclist. You would be overjoyed pedaling around the vibrant bazaars, busy streets, historic Albert Hall Museum, and so much more to experience the true essence of Jaipur. At Castle Kanota, we accommodate your wants, needs, and longing for the perfect local cycling experience. This activity is specially designed for those who are looking for adventure around the historic Pink City. We start this Jaipur cycle tour from Ghat Ki Guni which is a narrow alley between the Aravali hills dotting the east side of Jaipur. It offers access to the areas located east of Jaipur and far beyond. It will be your starting point of the road that leads to Agra, therefore known as Agra Road, and is nearly 10 kilometers from Jaipur. You will start your cycling journey at 7 in the morning from Ghat Ki Guni where your bicycle will be waiting along with a Safety Vehicle. So, if you are looking for a truly tranquil trip, then it only makes sense to make your bookings in the best heritage hotel near Jaipur. Castle Kanota understands all your requirements and our hospitality is to die for. Get in touch with us today and book an unforgettable trip to Pink City.


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