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Are you looking for a great way to explore the city of Dubai in a unique and exciting way? Then the Dubai Frame is an ideal destination for you! Whether you are a first-time visitor or a local resident, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about the Dubai Frame. In this guide, we will uncover the history of the Dubai Frame, discuss its unique design, and highlight the incredible views that visitors can experience while visiting. We will also provide tips on how to get the most out of your Dubai Frame experience and how to make the most of your trip. With our complete guide, you will be sure to have an unforgettable and memorable experience at the Dubai Frame.

How To Reach Dubai Frame

One of the biggest attractions in Dubai is the Dubai Frame, which offers awesome views of the city skyline and a great opportunity to observe the old and new parts of Dubai. Located in Zabeel Park, the Dubai Frame is easily accessible via car or public transport.

Driving to the Dubai Frame will only take you about 30 minutes from downtown Dubai. You can take the Sheikh Zayed Road and get off at the Zabeel Park exit. There is free parking available at the frame.

If you are using public transport, the best way to get to the Dubai Frame is to take the Metro. You can take the Metro Red Line and get off at the GGICO station. Once you exit the station, you can take a shuttle bus for free which will take you straight to the Dubai Frame.

If you are coming from the airport or any other place, you can always take a taxi directly to the Dubai Frame. It is relatively inexpensive and convenient.

Once you have reached the Dubai Frame, you can buy tickets online or at the ticket counters. It costs only AED 50 for adults and AED 20 for children. The tickets can be used up to 48 hours after you purchase them.

After buying a ticket, you can witness the beautiful views of the city from the top of the Dubai Frame

About Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is an incredible structure located in Zabeel Park, Dubai. It is the world’s largest picture frame and is one of the major attractions in the city. This huge frame stands 150 meters high and 93 meters wide and forms a bridge between the old and new Dubai. The frame is made of glass and metal and is designed in the shape of an arch with a viewing deck at the top.

Visitors can enjoy spectacular views of both the old and new Dubai from the upper deck of the frame. At the bottom of the frame lies a virtual museum which will provide visitors with an interactive journey through Dubai’s history. This museum contains multimedia displays that show the incredible journey of Dubai from a small fishing and trading village to the modern city it is today.

A visit to the Dubai Frame is an absolute must for anyone visiting the city. The stunning views and interactive museum make for an unforgettable experience, which makes it a great tourist spot

Things To Carry

Visiting Dubai Frame can be an exciting experience, but it’s important to remember to bring the right things with you. To make sure you have a pleasant experience and make the most of your visit, here are some essential items to remember to bring.

First, make sure you have a valid form of ID with you. This will be necessary for security and entry into the Dubai Frame. You may also need to present a valid residence permit if you are not a national of the UAE.

Bring a camera or smartphone with you to take pictures of the beautiful architecture that the Dubai Frame offers. You’ll want to take home plenty of memories from your visit.

Be sure to bring sun protection with you. This could be in the form of sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen. The hot climate in Dubai can be quite harsh on your skin, so it is important to be prepared.

Finally, wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking around the frame. The large area of the Dubai Frame is best explored on foot, so good shoes are a must.

Overall, if you are prepared and have the right items, your visit to the Dubai Frame will be an enjoyable one. By bringing the right items, you can rest assured that you can make the most of your experience and get the most out of your visit.

Places To Visit In Dubai

.One of the must-visit places in Dubai is the Dubai Frame, which is also referred to as the Dubai Skyline. It is a beautiful structure located in Zabeel Park, and it is one of the most iconic structures in the city. It stands tall at 150 meters, and its two towers are connected with a 93-meter bridge. Tourists can take stunning views of the city from the top of the frame.

The frame is made of metal and glass, and it has been designed to resemble a window frame. It offers visitors a unique view of the city, with the skyscrapers of the modern city contrasting with the traditional architecture of the older parts of town. Visitors can also catch a glimpse of the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world.

Visitors can also enjoy the interactive displays in the Dubai Frame. These displays provide information about the history and culture of the city, as well as some interesting facts about the city. There are also some interactive games that visitors can play.

The entry fee for the Dubai Frame is very reasonable, and theframe is open from 10 in the morning till 8 in the evening. Visitors can also book tickets in advance, which is highly recommended.

Visitors should also explore the grounds of the Dubai Frame, as there are many interesting sights to be seen. There are also some great restaurants and cafes near the frame, where visitors can enjoy a meal or have a snack.

The Dubai Frame is an iconic attraction in Dubai, and it is a must-visit spot for tourists. It offers stunning views of the city, as well as interactive displays that provide visitors with information about the city’s culture and history

Best Time To Visit

Dubai Frame is an iconic landmark in the city that offers stunning views of the city skyline. Located in Zabeel Park, the frame gives visitors an incredible overview of both the old and the new parts of Dubai. With its towering height and fascinating architecture, the Dubai Frame is a must-visit for tourists and locals alike.

The best time to visit the Dubai Frame is usually considered to be from late November to early April, when temperatures are cooler and the weather is more pleasant. Avoid visiting in the summer months, when temperatures can soar and visibility can be poor.

Visitors can also take advantage of the extended opening hours during the cooler months, as the frame is open during the day and into the early evening. This gives visitors more time to take in the soaring views and take photos of the iconic skyline.

The view from the Dubai Frame is spectacular, with panoramic views of the city’s modern and historical landmarks. Visitors can also get a unique perspective of Dubai Marina, with its distinctive skyscrapers, and the World Islands in the distance.

Visitors can also appreciate the beautiful design of the frame itself, with its geometric shape and gold-tinted glass. Inside the frame there is a museum and art gallery devoted to the history and culture of Dubai, as well as a range of interactive and educational exhibits.

The Dubai Frame is an incredible feat of engineering and design, and a must-visit for those who want to get a bird’s eye view of this dynamic city. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, visiting the frame at the best time of year is the best way to make the most of this amazing experience.


In conclusion, visiting the Dubai Frame is a must-see for all tourists and locals alike. The rich culture and history of the emirate can be seen in this iconic frame, making it a must-see destination. Whether you come to view the amazing skyline of the city or to take in the historical and cultural elements of the frame, it will be a memorable experience that you won’t soon forget.



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