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Pressure Wash and Seal Your Concrete Driveway

Taking care of concrete driveways, patios, and other outdoor surfaces can be a chore. But sealing your concrete can cut down on the amount of maintenance that you have to do.

Sealing your concrete protects it from damage by creating a barrier that prevents water from soaking into its pores. It also reduces staining and discoloration.

Pressure Washing

Concrete pressure washing Service can be an effective way to clean concrete and stone surfaces. It also helps keep them looking nice and extend their life.

When done properly, concrete pressure washing Service in Clarkston MI can remove the dirt, grime, moss, algae, and other substances that accumulate on concrete over time. It can also help protect your concrete against the buildup of stains and pollutants that can eat away at its surface.

A professional cleaner uses the right equipment and a cleaning solution that’s appropriate for the type of concrete they are cleaning. They also know how to avoid damaging your property and the environment by using techniques that minimize water consumption and soapy chemicals.

Before pressure washing, move furniture, planters, decorations, and other items from the area so they don’t get damaged. Cover electrical cords and outlets with a tarp to protect them from the chemicals used for cleaning.

Stain Removal

Over time, concrete can accumulate a lot of different stains. From oil to grease and paint, these stains can be a problem if they’re not removed properly.

A professional stain remover will be able to help you get rid of these stains. The best way to do this is to find a product that will work well for the particular type of stain you’re dealing with.

For example, if you have an oil stain from a car, you’ll want to use a degreaser. You can mix a degreaser with water and spray it onto the stain, then allow it to sit for a few hours. Then, scrub it with a brush and rinse it off. This will get rid of the stain and keep it from recurring.


Using a seal is a good way to protect your driveway from UV rays, dirt and grime. It also helps prevent mold growth and moss from forming.

In addition, sealing concrete will keep the surface looking brand new. Regularly cleaning and sealing your sidewalks, patios, driveways, and pool decks can extend the life of these surfaces for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

To make the most of your investment, it’s important to get your concrete surfaces sealed by experts who know what they’re doing! Window Genie’s Clarkston MI team can help you keep your concrete looking like new by applying a lifetime protective coating.

When it comes to concrete, the best way to keep the luster and shine is by getting a quality pressure wash and sealing. Our Clarkston MI professionals will use the latest technology and equipment to give your concrete a beautiful and durable finish. Call us today for your free estimate!


Concrete Wash and Seal  can be easily damaged from wear and tear. Periodic resealing of concrete can help prevent surface damage and increase the durability of a concrete surface.

Repairs and maintenance can also help protect concrete from damage, such as ice-formation and moisture saturation, during winter weather. In addition, resealing can also help to restore the original appearance of concrete and improve its safety.

In addition to environmental protection, economic considerations play an important role in the decision to use a repair service provider or repair network. However, they are not as important for self-repairers as for those who know the repair network (see Table 6).

Furthermore, social aspects, such as trust and peer groups, can also influence a person’s intention to mended products. We found that family, experts, and friends are more influential for a person’s repair intentions than social media or distant relatives.



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