Let’s fight with cavity by know more about it.

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There are lots of teeth problems. That we will face if we don’t take care of our teeth. We should take good care of our teeth. Our teeth do a very important job. Teeth need very good maintenance. It is our responsibility to take care of our teeth. Also, to have a beautiful smile we need to take care of our teeth.

Lots of diseases are there which can damage our teeth. Cavity is one of them to face by us.

What is a cavity?

Cavities damage our teeth. It can damage the inner part of our teeth and the outer solid part of our teeth. Cavity is also called tooth decay. It starts in the tiny opening of our tooth or if there is a tiny hole in our tooth.

Cavity is very common in kids and old adults. Kids eat lots of candy and other things without thinking much. In old adults, due to their weak gum, their teeth start to become visible, so it becomes a golden chance for bacteria to attack their teeth.

Symptoms of cavity:

The main symptom of cavity is that you will not be able to identify it in the initial period of time . By the time the cavity starts increasing. If you start feeling mild pain in the affected tooth, you may also have teeth sensitivity. Sharp pain can happen when you eat anything hot, cold or sweet. You may also feel pain while you eat anything hard to chew. Also, black or white patches can be seen in your teeth. When your cavity increases, you can see holes in the tooth.

Causes of tooth decay or cavity:

When we don’t care about our eating habits and eat carbohydrate food, it becomes the main reason for the damage to our teeth. The bacteria in our mouth react with this carbonated food. It starts making acid, which damages the outer layer of our teeth. This carbonated food can be candies, milk, chips, sweet drinks, etc.. Most of this type of food or drink stays in our mouth and reacts. We should remember to clean our teeth and mouth properly to decrease the chances of cavities.

The following are the reasons for the cavity-

Bad eating habits- Some people just don’t mind eating anything. They don’t even think this type of food causes damage to their teeth.

Poor brushing habits- When we eat food, especially carbohydrate food and don’t care for our teeth, like rinsing our mouth after eating or brushing properly. It can become a big reason for cavities. We should brush our teeth twice a day.

Dryness in your mouth- If our glands do not secrete saliva, that makes our mouth dry. It is called dry mouth. Saliva is very important for our mouth because it is a natural mouth rinser. It also prevents sticking any food in our teeth.

How to diagnose cavity before its do further damage:

If you regularly go for a dental checkup, your dentist may take all the measures to prevent further damage. A dentist may do an x-ray to check the condition of your mouth. There are lots of experienced and skilled dentist in ludhiana who will help you in this situation.

Treatment and prevention:
Based on damage or cavity, you will get the treatment

The following are the treatments-

FillingThe dentist may drill the damaged part and fill the alloy, silver and gold.

Crown- If your is much damaged, the dentist will put a crown on your teeth to prevent further damage.

Root canal- If your teeth are fully damaged, your dentist will remove your root. Then, at the dentist, we fill the teeth with filling material and put on the crown.
The following are the prevention-

Take proper care of your teeth and brush your teeth twice a day. Stop eating carbohydrates. Visit the dental clinic in ludhiana regularly for checkups.

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