How to choose the perfect insurance for my car

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When choosing an automobile policy there are many variables that determine the choice. Considering only the price of the insurance can lead us to make a decision without considering other more important issues.

Here we tell you everything you should take into account before choosing the most suitable insurance for your vehicle.

Car insurance: how to choose the most appropriate?

Grab a pen and paper and let’s organize the next steps. To define what is the ideal insurance for your car, take note of the following issues:

Analyze yourself as a director. Being honest with yourself is a good start. Think about your driving habits. For example, if you use the car to travel long distances or short distances. Evaluate your history of fines, punctures, breakdowns, etc. Also consider where you park it, if you sleep in a garage or out in the open.

Keep in mind that there are additional modules that make your car insurance more complete. In other words, it covers some details that go beyond basic insurance, such as tire protection, a replacement vehicle in case of theft or breakdown, etc., which allows it to be adapted to each situation.

X-ray the car. The model, age, value, and even the condition of the vehicle, affects the type of insurance you will need. Identify the characteristics of your car and the risks they run. Keep in mind that some makes and models are more prone to theft or breakdown.

Compare the proposals of at least 3 different insurers. Although the products are similar, with the budgets in hand you will be able to negotiate some additional or payment facilities. Do some research on the reputation of the insurers and their implementation throughout the country and abroad.

Check the coverage limit. Read carefully the different coverage proposals, what each one includes and its exceptions. Remember the fine print. Evaluate the relationship between the cost and the benefits it offers. Also think about whether you need everything it includes and whether you are missing any important protection for your vehicle.

An insurance designed for each car

At present, the wide portfolio of automobile insurance can generate doubts. Most of the policies include basic guarantees, although it is possible to choose packages that adapt to our driving habits and budget.

Given the variety of benefits, many insurers allow you to contract the policy with personalized options. In a few words, your insurance includes a series of basic coverages to which you can add additional ones depending on your needs. Although each insurer sets its parameters, remember that you have the last word.

In the same way, the digitization of these services makes it possible to streamline procedures and offer more direct communication, something that you have to keep in mind when taking out insurance. In this way, insurers such as Verti, are committed to a 100% digital strategy, lowering costs and facilitating access to insurance for thousands of users.

Types of insurance companies offer

Among the different policies that you can contract for your vehicle, the three most common coverages are the following:


Known as Mandatory Civil Liability insurance, this coverage responds to damages caused to third parties.

Keep in mind that it is an essential policy to be able to circulate. In turn, it includes legal defense, driver’s insurance and, in some cases, the roadside assistance service.

Third party insurance is practical if you do not use the car frequently or have it as a second vehicle.


This type of policy brings together all the guarantees of the previous modality, but incorporates other coverage that responds to breakage or damage to the windows, fire or theft of the vehicle.

Some companies add protection against damage from weather factors. This modality is an interesting option to save on car insurance, since it offers broader protection than the most basic and cheaper alternative than all-risk.


In this case, the insurance includes all the coverage of the previous types, although the main difference is that it responds regardless of who causes the damage, be it you or a third party.

Among the different modalities, the all risk insurance protects against the total loss of the vehicle and becomes the most complete. With a new car or one that is used daily, it may be an alternative to consider.


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