Common Mistakes to Avoid when Applying for a US Visa as a Latvian Citizen

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Applying for a US Visa as a Latvian Citizen

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Latvian citizens who wish to travel to the United States for business, study, tourism, or medical care or other reasons, require a visa. The visa allows them to enter the United States for a specified period and engage in activities for the specific purpose for which they have applied for the visa. Visa requirements and the application process for Latvian citizens are similar to those of other non-immigrant visa applicants. US Visa for Latvian Citizens

Introduction to US visa for Latvian citizens

The US government offers two types of non-immigrant visas: B-1 and B-2, which allow visitors to travel to the US for business, pleasure or medical treatment. The applicant must determine which of the two categories they are eligible for, based on the purpose of their trip. The B-1 visa is meant for business purposes, such as for attending business conferences or meetings, negotiating contracts, and settling estate issues, while the B-2 visa is for leisure activities, such as tourism or visiting friends or relatives.

The application procedure for the US visa for Latvian citizens involves the following:


  1. Determining the visa type: The first step is to decide which visa type suits your planned visit. You can visit the State Department website to learn the difference between the B-1 and B-2 visa types.
  2. Completing the Online Application: Once you have determined the appropriate visa type, you need to complete the online Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160).
  3. Paying the Visa Application Fee: Next, you need to pay the visa application fee, which is non-refundable. You can pay by credit card, BFF or bank transfer.
  4. Scheduling the Interview: Once you pay the visa application fee, you can schedule a visa interview. The US Embassy in Riga manages visa issuance to applicants residing in Latvia. You can schedule an interview by visiting the visa appointment scheduling website for US visas.
  5. Attending the Interview: During the interview appointment, you will have to answer questions about your reason for visiting, the duration of the trip, and if you have any ties to the United States.
  6. Travel to the United States: If the visa is granted, the passport will be returned with the visa stamped page. You can then plan to travel via direct flight to the United States.

Types of US visas available for Latvians

Obtaining a visa is a standard requirement for foreign individuals traveling to the United States for tourism, business, or study purposes. In general, the process of obtaining a visa can be lengthy, requiring applicants to apply well in advance of their intended travel dates. However, in certain circumstances, individuals may require an urgent emergency visa to enter the country quickly. 

An urgent emergency visa is a type of visa issued to individuals who need to travel to the United States urgently for unforeseen reasons, such as medical emergencies or unexpected job opportunities. To obtain an urgent emergency visa, an applicant must prove a genuine need for immediate travel and must provide supporting documentation. Usually, to apply for an urgent emergency visa, applicants must make an appointment at a United States Consulate in their home country, complete and submit their application, and attend an interview with a consular officer. 

Processing time and fees for US visa application

The process of obtaining an urgent emergency visa is inherently complex and requires thorough documentation to support your request. For instance, if you are applying for a medical emergency visa, you will need to provide evidence from a medical practitioner that your health is a severe issue and you need immediate medical attention that is unavailable in your home country. Similarly, if an individual is applying for an emergency visa due to a job opportunity, they will need to provide evidence of the job offer from the company they will be working for, and also the urgency of the situation. 

When applying for an urgent emergency visa, it is essential to be prepared and organized to ensure the application process runs smoothly. The applicant must make sure that all supporting documents are complete and submitted on time. The documentation should also be genuine and truthful, as any false or misleading information can lead to rejection or revocation of the visa. 


In conclusion, obtaining an urgent emergency visa from us may be the only option in certain circumstances. The applicant must be ready to provide valid reasons and evidence to support their claim. While obtaining an urgent emergency visa may seem daunting, with proper planning and preparation, the process becomes a bit easier. It is advisable to seek assistance from experienced immigration lawyers to ensure you have all the required documentation for a successful application. As such, individuals in need of an emergency visa can act promptly to complete the documentation required to obtain the required visa on time.


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