Increasing Customer Acquisition and Retention with Salesforce SMS Messaging

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SMS has undoubtedly become a powerful business communication solution and has always proved effective, irrespective of the goal you want to achieve. With SMS, businesses can effortlessly reach out to people through their mobile devices and establish effective communication to attain their business objectives with ease. 

Whether it is about acquiring and retaining customers, enhancing lead-generation efforts, or building a loyal customer base, marketers try new strategies and approaches. 

With SMS in Salesforce, marketers have the most reliable communication channel to reach audiences for various purposes. Using this channel prudently, you can increase lead influx, acquire more business, retain your customers, and drive repeat purchases. 

How you can use the Salesforce SMS gateway to get more business and retain current customers- all this you’ll learn in this blog. You will learn what types of Salesforce SMS you can send during a customer journey and achieve what every business owner wants.

Salesforce SMS for Customer Acquisition

Personalized Promotions

You can make your business conversations more engaging and meaningful with the help of personalized texting. By understanding your customer’s likes, dislikes, tastes, preferences, pain points, etc., you can shoot more targeted campaigns. Also, you can create messages that address specific pain points of customers and serve their unique interests. 

You can send personalized and tailored content on special life events and make them feel more special. Also, you can send relevant solutions based on their pain points, enhancing your messaging strategies. Messages are personalized, they tend to secure audience attention faster, and they are more likely to respond.

Send Time-Sensitive Offers

There are a lot of activities to take reference from daily life and make Salesforce SMS more effective and impactful. We have often seen that when something is urgent what time sensitive, people tend to act faster. The same thing you can apply in your Salesforce text messaging to acquire new customers. 

You can run Flash sales for a quick increase in sales. You can send time-sensitive offers, which encourages audiences to act before the offer expires. By doing so, you can encounter a rise in your sales. 

Further, you can send reminders to nudge them that the offer is about to expire. This is also a productive approach you should follow using Salesforce SMS.

Run Interactive Contests

Engaging customers with interactive SMS contests or quizzes is a fun and effective way to acquire new customers. You can design quizzes related to your products or industry and encourage customers to participate by offering incentives for correct answers. Interactive contests not only entertain customers but also create a two-way communication channel, fostering a stronger connection between your brand and the customers.

SMS Coupons

Encouraging your customers to purchase through different strategies can help you drive repeat business and retain your existing customers. Exclusive SMS coupons work well in this concern. Using Salesforce SMS, you can send SMS coupons and capture the immediate attention of potential customers. Also, you can uniquely convince them to make a purchase by providing an exclusive opportunity. They feel more special and appreciated. 

More importantly, by making your SMS coupons time-sensitive and valid for a limited time, you can create a sense of urgency. Consequently, you can expect better customer responses because of their willingness to use them before they expire. 

Referral Programs

Referral programs are a powerful customer acquisition strategy. To increase referrals, you can ask your existing customers to refer their friends and family to your business and offer them offering incentives. You can use SMS to send referral codes or links to both the referrer and the new customer, ensuring they both receive the benefits of the referral program. Word-of-mouth marketing generated through referrals is highly effective in attracting new customers who trust recommendations from people they know.

Salesforce SMS for Customer Retention

Customer retention is one of the primary business concerns to drive repeat purchases and earn positive word of mouth and referrals. It takes up a lot of effort to retain your customers and keep them interested in your business offerings in the long term. To retain your customers effectively, you can again count on Salesforce SMS to deliver superior customer services and experiences.

Send Personalized Thank-You Messages

Showing gratitude is a potent way to retain customers. It should be a continuous effort to appreciate your customers wherever you can. 

After purchase, you can send a personalized thank-you message to appreciate and value them. This is a good gesture to appreciate their trust in your brand and make a purchase.

Send Exclusive Offers and Discounts 

By providing exclusive deals and discounts to your existing customers, you communicate that you value their loyalty. You can send SMS messages with special pricing or give them early access to sales to encourage repeat purchases and keep them engaged with your brand.

Send Reminders and Notifications 

Reminders and notifications are always of great value to customers. This helps customers to stay updated and perform time-sensitive actions on time. 

These reminders can help you remind customers about upcoming appointments, pending renewals, subscription ending dates, and many more. Therefore, you can witness a significant decrease in no-shows or missed business opportunities.

Conduct Customer Surveys

With SMS Surveys; it is easy to improve your campaigns and understand your customers better. 

With the help of text Surveys, you can collect valuable inside from audiences at scale. Based on the collected data, you can run more targeted campaigns and tap into more tailored messaging. 

Apart from this, if you use SMS Surveys to capture detailed feedback from customers. You can easily capture your audience’s opinions and find room to improve your business offerings. This also helps you strengthen your relationship with them by valuing their opinions for product and service improvement.

Send Birthday and Anniversary Greetings

You should make every effort you can to be customers top of mind. 

For this, you can count on a simple birthday or anniversary greeting and make a positive impact on your customer’s minds to retain them. Enhanced customer experiences are the outcome of how you interact and engage with your audiences. 

Greetings on special life events help you tap into more personalized conversations and allow you to add a touch of warmth to your business interactions.

Render Customer Support 

Let your customers reach you through SMS for support. This provides an easy way for customers to connect with you and seek support conveniently. Also, ensure that you  address every message immediately or without much delay. Following this approach, you can resolve their queries and concerns much faster. This streamlined support process makes customers feel heard and cared for, enhancing their overall satisfaction with your brand.

Share Exclusive Content 

Sharing valuable and exclusive content through the Salesforce SMS gateway keeps customers engaged and interested. This can include valuable tips for customers, information about product advancement, information about new launches, etc. 


By providing relevant content, you position your brand as an authority and resource in your customers’ minds. Apart from this, your customers do not have to With your brand to know about the latest updates. This saves time for them and helps to build positive customer experiences.


Getting new business is pretty challenging, as it needs to and fro interaction with prospects. And these efforts include effective communication too. Using Salesforce SMS,  you can communicate with your audiences more reliably at different stages of their customer journey and help them with the support and service they need. With this strategy, you can increase lead counts for your business. In addition, retaining existing customers is a cakewalk with the Salesforce SMS gateway. You can easily enhance customer experiences by sharing valuable content, sending exclusive offers and tailored content, and improving your support quality. With this robust solution, i.e., SMS, you can upgrade your business communications and interact with a large segment of audiences without investing much time. 

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