How to Find Effective and Legitimate Pest Control Companies

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Are you suffering from pest issues? Do you need pest control services in Bangalore? If yes, then how would you plan to go about finding the best person from the market? There are many companies out there ready to serve customers reeling under bug problems at home. But hardly one or two firms offer effective and professional solutions. At times, it could be super hard to tell the difference between a cheat and a genuine service provider. Still, there is a ray of hope. Consider the following points and ensure the best possible pest exterminator at your service. All you need is to go through the following carefully and then stick to the wisdom shared. So, let’s begin with our discussion.


Check that an extermination company has all the credentials that are required. There must be high practical experience. The person offering the treatments must be in the business for at least 5 to 6 years. Many just enter the industry without any formal training. So, it should be the case obviously. Ensure that the operator has the right skills, experience and competence. Besides, confirm that it is registered and possesses a valid GSTIN as well. It stands for goods and services tax identification number. You can perform checks on other documents as well, i.e. Aadhaar, Pan, etc.


To hire legitimate and effective pest control services provider, consider reviews. Go through the opinions of previous customers. It gives you valuable insights. Suppose feedback is negative. In that case, the bug exterminator isn’t that good at all. Effective service providers are always supported by past clients. And thus, positive reviews indicate the professionalism associated with a particular business owner. It is all about the quality of the service.


Sometimes, good insect controllers can also be found through other people. In other words, go and talk to people and see if they have had to shift in their days. People with shifting experiences in the past can provide you with details of reliable pest management companies. Just discuss your problems with as many people as possible, i.e. neighbours, friends, etc.

Multiple Quotes

Ensure affordability. And approach the best person in the market. Suppose you have a choice. In other words, you can choose from many service providers. In that case, how would you make an effective choice? It is simple. Collect quotations. Compare them and see which option is cheap. This way, you would hire cheap pest control solutions. Otherwise, expensive services would wreak havoc on your pocket.

Treatments or Methods

Suppose you don’t have any knowledge of pest extermination treatments. In that case, how would you go about finding which company is the best then? Well, indeed, you cannot. So, consider the following. Most pest companies use chemical-based solutions to get rid of pests. For example, largely, pesticides are used, i.e. pyrethrins, pyrethroids, permethrin, fipronil, piperonyl butoxide, etc. Furthermore, there are physical methods as well. These are used less often than the previous ones. This includes trapping, killing, and removing favourable conditions. Besides, bait traps, trap cropping, field burning, and perimeter traps are also some. Here, notice one thing. Always choose companies that offer chemical-based solutions to your infestations.


People may come to your infested properties and claim that they have exterminated all the pests. But what is your plan B if pests show up again just the next week? These things happen a lot when you hire an incompetent person. Always ensure that the extermination solution comes with a warranty. Otherwise, there would be no certainty if the pest treatment is going to be effective for at least 2 or 3 days. Thus, always demand a warranty. This way, you get a surety that bug issues wouldn’t come again until a certain period of time. All pest companies that offer a warranty of at least 6 months are the best.


Don’t just have a casual talk and make a deal. Or even worse, pay the bill in advance fully. If you have already done all these things, you are doomed. First, paying fully in advance is one of the worst things you can do. Your service provider would give you no priority at all. Instead, they would like to serve those first who haven’t paid a penny yet. It is human nature. It is always drawn towards profit maximisation. So, make sure it doesn’t happen. Besides, always get the terms of the bargain written on paper first and then only fix a deal. Things must be put into writing as soon as possible. Without it, there is always a chance of manipulation.

Some Effective Tips to Make Your Space Pest-Free

Only hiring pest control services in Bangalore isn’t going to help. You will have to pay attention to other things as well. For example, consider the following advice and see if you can apply them in your life. And make it a little more pest-free and thus safe.

Seal all Cracks and Crevices

Damaged parts of your house often provide shelter for pests. And it makes your surroundings conducive to infestations. Thus, in that case, it is of crucial importance that you get worn-out parts fixed as soon as possible. Caulk and seal all holes, gaps, cracks and crevices.

Keep Your Home Clean

Another thing is as follows. Clean your house regularly, especially the kitchen and dining space. Food chunks and crumbs may have fallen on the floor while cooking and eating. Thus, it is better that you give it a good clean-up as soon as you notice any such messes.

Don’t Keep Organic or Wet Waste beyond 24 Hours

In households, organic or wet waste is produced constantly. For example, look at the following dustbin, i.e. banana peels, discarded rotten meat, and fruit and vegetable peels. This is a lot of filthy wet waste. If you don’t put it outside on time, it would invite foraging pests. Thus, throw waste away in time. And don’t keep it inside for at least more than 24 hours.

Call a Professional

Finally, if the infestation has grown out of control, consult a valid professional. They will take care of everything. And through effective pest control services in Bangalore, the situation will be brought right back to normalcy in the least possible time.

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