How I Made the Perfect Prawn Recipe for my Friends from West Bengal

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I have always been a great lover of seafood and one of the main reasons for that is of course my origins on the west coast of India. 

I have been living in Thane for a long time now and over the years I have built friendships cutting across regional barriers. Two of my closest friends are Bengalis who share my love for prawns. 

They sometimes spoke about steamed prawns on coconut and mustard gravy, which was something very new to me but I decided to try it out. 

On one particular weekend I ordered fresh prawns home delivery Thane after inviting them along with a couple of other friends. 

The quality of prawns as I had expected, was the best because I had ordered them from my favourite online meat and fish store, where I always find whatever I look for. 

The best part of ordering online fresh fish home delivery in Thane is that I always get my orders delivered in just a few minutes right at my doorstep. 

This saves me a whole lot of time and energy that I would have spent in going to the crowded and chaotic fish market not to speak of the heat and sweat. 

I utilized the time to do my research of the typical Bengali steamed prawns on mustard and grounded coconut and began working on it. 

Always give the maximum time to your guests 

It was never easy to manage your time especially when it comes to cooking good food and enjoying it with friends. Oftentimes, it meant cutting corners with your priorities. 

This was truer in the pre-ecommerce era but not anymore. Today, all that I had to do was order fresh prawns home delivery Thane and get the order delivered at my doorstep in minutes. 

When you invite guests to your home for lunch and then you’re away in the kitchen cooking while they wait for you in the living room, is a bad idea. 

Your friends would think twice before deciding to accept any invitation for lunch or dinner at your house. Nothing perplexing here; step into their shoes and consider what you would do. 

Good times and good food go hand-in-hand

Here in my house, I make sure that I am with my guests throughout and spend some quality time with them that all of us cherish for long. 

Despite a new and unfamiliar dish like steamed prawns on mustard and coconut gravy that I decided to cook for them, I managed to save a lot of time for them. 

I avoided going to the market and saved a lot time and energy by ordering fresh fish home delivery in Thane which was delivered at my doorstep in minutes. 

As always, the quality of the prawns was excellent and that made it easier for me to cook the food well on time and then get a refreshing shower before my friends arrived. 

I had everything ready and well-laid out. All that we had to do was munch on the bits and bites of the starters with chilled beverage and catch up with what each one had to share. 

My friends were really impressed with the prawn dish 

All of my friends and not just those who were from West Bengal were really impressed with the steamed prawns on mustard and coconut. 

To be honest, I must admit that it wasn’t just my cooking skills that were responsible for the wonderful aroma and fragrance that came out of the steamed prawns on mustard and coconut. 

The fresh prawns home delivery Thane that I had ordered from my favourite online fish and meat store was top quality in terms of freshness and taste. 

After all, I had ordered the prawns in the morning just a few hours before I was to cook them and that added to the taste of freshness in a big way. 

My Bengali friends were especially impressed with the authentic taste I was able to achieve, which reminded them of the same dish they get back in their ancestral homes. 

Prawns offer a vast palate for those who are interested 

We discussed a lot of things even as we enjoyed the steamed prawns with sparkling white steamed rice. One such topic of discussion was a kind of salty and spicy dried prawns that we had in Kolkata’s “China Town”. 

Along with chilled beer this prawns “namkeen” tasted great on a sultry late afternoon and all four of us were there along with a couple of local friends. 

I wasn’t sure that my favourite online store from where I ordered the fresh prawns home delivery Thane would have that kind of tiny prawns variety but I assured them that I’ll check. 

It was one of those memorable days that we spent together and we rounded off the day with excellent falooda that we ordered from a well-known Emeatstore vendor in Mumbra. 

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