Indian restaurant Markham’s Top Kids’ Restaurants

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The Markham Indian restaurant that offers young customers the best dining experiences

Do you get sick of getting the same old pizza and burgers for your kids every time you take them out to eat?

Do you want your children to become accustomed to the many flavours offered by Indian food markham? If so, you should start them when you’re young. You don’t need to look much farther, either! The Tamil restaurants in Markham’s dining venues that are most suited for families with young children are listed below.

Tandoori Hour

Tandoori Time is a restaurant that serves a wide selection of traditional Indian food to patrons of all ages. Visitors are welcome to stop by and eat here. Right in the middle of Markham sits the restaurant Tandoori Time. They have a section of their menu specifically for kids, with a variety of kid-friendly choices that vary from savoury to delicious without being excessively spicy.

Even the most discriminating eaters are likely to find something they enjoy among these options. One of our restaurant’s most well-liked meals, the Chicken Tikka, is served with a side of naan bread and has been expertly grilled. Our staff also strongly recommends it.

Masala Mirch

Mirch Masala is the place for you to go if you’re seeking for a restaurant that offers a higher-end dining experience. Due to the elegant setting and varied food, families frequently choose this restaurant as their preferred dining location.

They provide a range of kid-friendly cuisines, including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options that the younger generation would enjoy.


Grilled cottage cheese is used to make the delicious and nutritious Paneer Tikka.

The Person Playing the Host

The Host is renowned for providing its patrons with great service in addition to high-quality food.

In their broad menu, they offer a wide range of meals, from traditional curries to modern takes on well-liked fusion cuisine styles.

They also provide a special menu particularly for kids that includes a variety of kid-friendly dishes including Butter Chicken and Chicken Korma, among others.

Our staff strongly suggests rewarding your family with a Gulab Jamun for dessert. This delectable treat is similar to a doughnut, except instead of frosting, it is covered in sugar-based syrup.

Legend of Hakka

The Hakka Legend is a terrific option for a restaurant where you can eat out with the whole gang if everyone in your family appreciates Chinese food. The restaurant’s cuisine provides a distinctive fusion of Markham food and Chinese flavours, making dining there a delightful and distinctive experience. Due to the dish’s combination of sweet and sour flavours as well as the fact that it contains chicken, we think that kids would definitely like eating Chicken Manchurian.

Indian cuisine nirvana

Downtown Markham’s Nirvana, the best Indian food markham offers upscale dining. They provide a wide range of meals on their extensive menu, from classic curries to modern fusion cuisine, demonstrating the breadth and depth of their culinary talents.

The restaurant offers a unique menu only for kids, which features dishes like Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala made with chicken. The Lamb Rogan Josh is a dish that is rich with flavour and has just a hint of fire, therefore we highly advise choosing it. You won’t be dissatisfied if you choose this course of action.


In conclusion, a variety of flavour profiles are available in Indian cuisine, as well as a variety of dishes that are suitable for ingestion by children. These five Markham eateries are the best options for families looking to have dinner at an Indian restaurant in Markham because both the food and the service are of the highest calibre. Why not provide your kids with an experience that will enhance their awareness of culture while also making a lasting impression on them?


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