Don’t Forget Your Dog in These Tough Economic Times – Help Them With Small Touches Like a Dog Ramp

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Every year thousands of pets are abandoned. May is traditionally one of the worse months when animals bought for Christmas start growing and are abandoned by some owners because they are ‘a handful’.

Sadly, recessions increase the number of pets being dumped. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (UK) has said venta de perros medellin baratos they have seen abandoned animals rise by 50% in the UK. The charity reports that in 2008 11,586 pets were dumped by their owners.

Pets during these tough economic times

So a spare a thought for pets during these tough economic times. More than ever, owning an animal and treating him well can help you through even the most stressful and anxious times in your life. Research by Cambridge University has found that dogs do help us psychologically. Tests showed that walking a dog or just having one companion can help speed recovery from illness and aid in rehabilitation.

In another study, the University of California, Los Angeles found elderly people, who own a dog needed 20% less medical care than people without a pet.

But pets do need looking after, especially as they get older. You can help your dog, for instance, by investing in a dog ramp. These dog ramps can help pets which have difficulty climbing into the boot of a car or onto a favourite armchair. Similarly for dogs which are incontinent there are doggie nappies. Think also about their bed – you could make it more comfortable such as with an extra blanket.

Times are hard but remember your pet’s needs. It’s the little touches such as investing in a dog ramp or dog nappies, which can make Perros Economicos all the difference to both owner and pet.



John Smith

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