Why You Need A Hot Tub Cover And How To Choose One

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A hot tub cover is as important as the hot tub itself. This article tries to impart knowledge regarding the importance, selection and maintenance of hot tub covers.

So, why is a hot tub cover important? Here Hot Tub are the basic facts about hot tub covers and why they are important:

– They protect the hot tub from impurities

This is the most obvious function of a hot tub cover. Just like any other type of cover for any type of container, the hot tub cover protects the tub from impurities such as leaves, trash, insects and the like. A hot tub cover is mostly important if the hot tub is located outdoors.

– Hot tub covers protect children and pets from the hot tub

How many times have you heard that a child drowned inside a hot tub? This is a risk that parents have to take when they acquire a hot tub, and this is a risk that hot tub covers address. Hot tub covers make the tub more secure for unattended children and pets since they are usually very heavy. The heaviness of the tub covers is actually a good thing because small children will not be able to lift it up without the help of adults, keeping them away from the tubs when they are alone.

– Covers protect the tubs from direct exposure to sunlight

Direct sun exposure may harm the hot tub. A good hot tub cover should be able to protect the tub against the harmful effects of the sun. The thickness of and the material used for the cover are two of the most important factors to consider in purchasing a cover. Remember that outdoor hot tub covers will wear out more quickly than those that are indoors because of the torture it gets from sunlight exposure.

-Covers help retain heat

Maintaining hot tubs can be very expensive, especially if we factor in the electricity costs of maintaining the heat inside the tub. The covers of the tubs should be able to help retain the heat inside. Hot tub covers are usually insulated by a material called “expanded polystyrene.” Actually, the thickness of the cover is the main determinant of its heat retaining capacity.

Most hot tub kits usually come with covers. However there maybe times that purchasing a new one is unavoidable. Here are some important things to remember when purchasing a hot tub cover:


This is a crucial factor that is sometimes forgotten by those who purchase new hot tub covers. Even though there are written specifications regarding the size of the hot tubs, it would not hurt to double check with the manufacturer and the hot tub cover dealers.


The outer covering of the hot tube cover are made from different kinds of materials, as opposed to the insulating foam, which is basically the same in all types of hot tub covers. Make sure that the material is mildew resistant.


If there are children in the house, it would be Hot Tub kaufen better to purchase a cover which is heavier. Again, weight serves as a safety feature for hot tub covers. If there are no children, perhaps an easier-access model is more suitable.


Hot tub covers’ insulating capabilities are assessed using what we call “R-value.” The general rule is that the higher the R-value of a hot tub cover, the better.


Hot tub cover warranties are very important. One should read and be cautious about the warranty of the cover that he is going to buy.


Hot tub covers, just like the hot tubs, should also be maintained and cleaned. A good rule to remember is that a hot tub cover should be cleaned every month. Set a date every month to apply cleaning materials to your hot tub cover.

Another rule that should be remembered is that the hot tub cover should be unzipped every 2 months. The foam inside should be left out in the open for at least one day for it to be able to “breathe.”

Hot tub covers are an essential part of the whole hot tub system. The covers are important for protecting the tub and the family members who use it. Remember the different tips that were mentioned in this article and enjoy your stay in your tub.



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