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FM WhatsApp

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FM WhatsApp is a simple app that is loved by users. It permits users to customize more aspects of WhatsApp so it is not surprising that people prefer this app over the official FMWhatsApp. it is a better app than the original. it has added many abilities to the app and offered them to the users. WhatsApp is known worldwide for its amazing features, easy-to-use interface, and end-to-end encryption that protects your privacy.


People use various apps to and chat with friends, but you can call WhatsApp the king of communication. This app permits you to have a great privilege with all types of messages. This version is super fast and light. You can also customize various elements of the app including emojis . Whenever WhatsApp mods are in conversation, this app will definitely come up. This is one of the popular mods for WhatsApp and many other mods are inspired by it.

It is better than many modified apps and has fewer bugs. It is the most famous chatting application with billions of active users who use it to communicate with people. Most users are of the opinion that applications require improvement and that developers should introduce interesting features. This tool is very useful and you can use it anytime without any problem.

It comes with many additional features like custom privacy settings for contacts, groups, and broadcasts, hide online status, freeze last seen, hide message seen status, auto-reply functionality, message Scheduler, download status, a fully customizable interface, and more. You can also install it along with the official app and use both apps. This permits you to use two accounts on the same device. This app is one of the WhatsApp mods versions that provide valuable features that are not found in the original app.

Features of Fm WhatsApp:


So if you ever want to download this WhatsApp on your phone, you can do so without fear of getting banned.

Change Personal Icons:

You can change FM WhatsApp personal icons on your Android phone devices.

Theme Store:

it gives a wide range of customizable color schemes.

Hide Blue Ticks:

This is one of those amazing features that come in handy when you don’t want to reply to a person but somehow get blue ticks.

Hide typing and recording status:

you can hide the typing status as well as the recording status with a blue tick on the chat screen.

Freeze Last Scene:

if you don’t want other people to call you through WhatsApp, you can hide your last scene but even if they close their eyes and stop moving others will not see the last time people. You can use this app to cover your last eye and see other people for the last time.

Hide View Status:

In this app, you can see the status of your contacts but the interesting thing about this feature is that they will not know that you have seen that status.


This FM WhatsApp gives you an Anti-Revoke feature that helps you to chat with your friends without any fear.

Broadcast Messages:

You can send broadcast messages using this Fm WhatsApp on your Android phone.

Pin your favorite chats:

By doing this, you can easily access the chat you want to read. This will save you time so you don’t have to waste your time searching for a chat.

Wallpaper WhatsApp:

You can set your favorite wallpaper in this FMWhatsApp apk . If you want to see a special friend of yours, you can set his picture as your wallpaper for your chat screen.

It comes with many customization features.

High-quality photo and video sharing:
you can share photos and videos on WhatsApp in their original quality which means sharing does not affect the quality of your media and it remains the same.

Hide View Status:

it permits you to view others’ statuses secretly.

Anti-delete status:

it also gives you anti-delete status. If someone uploads a status and deletes it before 24 hours, that status will not be deleted for you for 24 hours.

Hide Media:

By using this application you can hide your media from the gallery so no one knows about your data in FMWhatsApp.

Fonts and icons:

Fonts and icons are important experiences when we use mobile apps .you like custom fonts or are tired of stock icons, you can choose some interesting fonts from the theme store.

Create chat backup:

This app permits you to create chat backup on your android phone device.

Send Large Videos:

other WhatsApp apps like GBWhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus, you can send large videos using FMWhatsApp. In the original WhatsApp, you can only send a video of a limited size.


We are living in a modern world where the introduction of android phone devices has made it easy for us to communicate with our loved ones. WhatsApp is the king of instant messaging. It has managed to reduce SMS and phone calls by fifty percent. This app is one of the trending mods. it offers its users a number of features that make messaging more interesting.


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