How to draw Ghost Rider

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How to draw Ghost Rider

Draw Ghost Rider in just 8 straightforward measures! There are many special personalities from comic book yore, but of all these idols and villains, Ghost Rider has to be one of the multiple individuals! You may also learn about this drawing scary drawings, cartoon drawings, puppy drawings, cute girl drawing easy easy drawings,3d drawings, and many more drawings.

This anti-hero personality has a blazing skull for a head and swings his brand-blazing motorcycle as he pursues his opponents. This unique structure, along with his detailed backstory, has earned him a widespread personality, and by knowing how to draw Ghost Rider, many fanciers of him can create great works of art with him. If you also admire this unique character, then you will love the guide we have for you!

How To Draw Ghost Rider – Allows Call Began!

Stage 1

For the first step of our guide on drawing Ghost Rider, we’ll start with his most recognizable feature: his flaming skull. For this step, you should zoom in on our example image very closely, as we have some intricate details on the skull part of the design of it. His eye sockets will also have small circles inside for an eye effect that we will color in later. Once he has replicated the skull, he can use wavy lines for the flames around his head.

Step 2: Following, he begins to remove his jacket.

We will start drawing his iconic leather jacket for this second part of your Ghost Rider drawing. We’ll use rounded lines that connect directly to the flames around his head to draw the collar and the top of the jacket. Then we’ll use straight lines for his splayed shoulders and start on his jacket arm. You can finish this step by adding some little spikes on his shoulders to make him look even cooler!

Step 3: Directly pull his associates and crate.

You are now ready to draw more of his arms and chest in this step of our how-to-draw Ghost Rider guide. You can extend the left arm and then draw the first part of his chest with straight and slightly curved lines. His other arm will be bent, so we’ll use many more curved lines to create the wrinkles on his jacket sleeve. More spikes will be around his forearm, and his fist will grab a chain.

Step 4: Following, remove his other fist.

You’ve drawn a hand and forearm for your Ghost Rider drawing, and we’ll add the other in the next step. This forearm will be surrounded by spikes and lead into a clenched fist like the other. You’ll also be holding a chain in that hand, and we’ll add more detail to that chain in the next step.

Step 5: Currently remove the chain and its waistband.

This next step in our how-to-draw Ghost Rider guide may require some patience, but it will be well worth it! We have already drawn his hands holding chains, and in this part, we will show the length of the chain between his hands. This requires patience because the various links will need to be drawn. Next, we’ll finish this step by drawing his two belts. He must have a penchant for spikes because some are on his belt, too!

Step 6: Following, remove your preferable shank.

We will complete your Phantom Rider picture by pulling his portions in this phase and the following. For currently, we will remove the left portion. His biker pants are quite tight, so we’ll draw this first step with smooth, curved lines. Then, we’ll finish by drawing his boot on the bottom of the leg.

Step 7: Next, pull the other portion of him.

This seventh step of our guide on how to draw Ghost Rider will have you finish it by drawing his other leg. This one will look much like the first one, except it’ll be from a slightly different angle. Once you’ve drawn both legs, draw all the background details and additional characters you want for this image!

Step 8: Currently complete with some stain

In this last stage of your Ghost Rider drawing, you can finish it by adding some amazing colors. There’s a bit of color contrast with this character, as most of his outfit is dark black, but then he has the bright yellows and oranges of his fiery head. We’ve also incorporated a bit of orange into his outfit to bring out the fire reflected in him. We colored his eye sockets black, then used orange for the little dots inside for a cool look. One way to color this would be to use stronger backing.



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