There are five incredible restaurants in Markham that you simply must visit

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There is a lot more to Markham’s dining scene than just Chinese food, despite the fact that it is famous for its Chinese restaurants. There are a plethora of excellent dining establishments in the Markham area, but the following five are the ones that you should not miss. This list covers all dining styles, from the most casual to the most elegant.

It is the School

Even before Markham was what it is today, the School Indian restaurant Markham was the talk of the town, and people are still talking about it today. This fine dining establishment is well-known not only for the atmosphere, but also for the excellent service and delicious food. It is housed in the building that housed the original Hagerman Corner school, which was constructed in 1988. Osso Bucco, roast prime rib of beef with Yorkshire pudding, and lobster risotto are some of the dishes that can be found on the menu at this establishment, which is unquestionably the kind of place you should visit if you are looking to make a good impression. You are going to question how full your stomach really is when you see the dessert cart.

Kitchen to the Gutter

At Smash Kitchen & Bar, upscale casual dining means dishes such as piri piri Cornish hen, Surf & Turf (but not like you’ve had it before – this one has pork belly and grilled octopus!), and their world-famous buttermilk fried chicken. You also won’t be able to leave this Indian food markham without ordering at least one of their many signature cocktails and one of their homemade mini donuts (the firecracker shrimp Caesar, anyone?). They offer a variety of rooms for private dining and dining with groups, as well as menus that are pre-determined.

Peter’s Fine Dining

Since it first opened its doors more than 36 years ago, this steak and seafood restaurant has been winning the hearts of Markham locals. Peter’s has garnered multiple awards for its outstanding quality and is highly regarded for both its intimate ambiance and its delectable fare. A Caesar salad will be made fresh right in front of you, and roses will be presented to the ladies as they enter the restaurant. It appears that the restaurant’s success can be attributed, in large part, to its attention to seemingly insignificant details. Peter’s is best known for its steaks, but the restaurant also serves seafood of an exceptional calibre.


The crown jewel of Unionville, Ambiyan features an authentic Indian cuisine that won’t put you to sleep. It is wonderful to have one Indian restaurant in Markham to make up for the dearth of other options there. They have everything you could possibly want, from pakoras to vindaloo to lamb rogan josh. Your senses will be pampered and satisfied. If you are in a hurry, you can always place your order online. At only ten dollars for the plant-based meal, the lunch value combo is an incredible bargain.

King’s Landing

This one will require a bit of driving on your part because it is situated in Stouffville, but the trip will be well worth it. This is a great place for the whole family to go because it is a casual restaurant that serves what they refer to as “great food at great value.” On the menu, you’ll find all of the essentials of a bar and grill, in addition to some truly one-of-a-kind dishes, such as the Seoul Poutine (ribeye, kimchi, scallions, Quebecois curds, and Korean bbq sauce) or the vodka and soda haddock. The costs are shockingly low, particularly in light of the overwhelmingly positive feedback.



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