I Study for Both a Group for a CMA Inter

How do I Study for Both a Group for a CMA Inter in 3 Months?

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CMA is one of the promising careers in the field of accounting. The preparation for the CMA course, let alone CMA in both groups in three months, requires a lot of dedication and planning. Students need to have a strategic plan and approach for CMA inter-preparation. Preparing for both groups of CMA intermediate level seems like a challenging task but is not an impossible one. Students need to have a solid study plan and strategies to start their preparation, which can help to maximize the chance of their success in exams. In this blog, we have provided a few tips to prepare for CA intermediate exams that will help you study effectively for both groups in 03 months. Take a look-

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Prepare For CMA Inter In Three Months With These Tips

1. Know the Syllabus of CMA Inter

Before you begin your study sessions for exams, make sure you take a thorough look at the CMA inter syllabus and CMA Inter subjects for both groups. Understand it, identify topics and concepts that are common and overlay in different subjects. It helps to save time, and you can focus on other topics rather than studying the same thing again and again.

2. Create a Study Timetable for CMA Inter

Creating a realistic timetable where you allocate time to each subject of both groups and have a balanced coverage for both groups is essential. While creating a timetable, consider study sessions, breaks, and resting time. Make sure you create a timetable where you get time for revision. Start with complex topics and the ones which aren’t clear to you, and then move to the next. Try to stick to the timetable for consistency in your studies.

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3. Know What’s Important in CMA Inter

Before creating a timetable, dedicate time to research to know what is essential. Focus on important topics according to weight age and question repetition in each subject of CA in both groups. Look at old question papers for the same and prioritize these topics during study time.

4. Study with Short Breaks in between

Taking a short break during study time helps to keep the mind sane and focused. While planning your study sessions, make sure you have planned study breaks too. Try a short study time of 30-40 minutes and then a break of 5-7 minutes. This helps the mind to maintain concentration and focus throughout the study period.

5. Effective Study Techniques-

Making notes, flashcards, visual diagrams, and summarizing are a few of the effective techniques one should add to their studying style. They work more and help more than just reading a passage. Diagrams and maps related to the topic enhance the understanding of it. Try teaching someone else a method, and practice problems so your problem-solving skills are improved.

6. Don’t Skip Any Resources-

Any CMA inter-study material is an essential resource during your preparation. Stay focused on the study material provided by the institute as it covers the entire syllabus. Check for online resources, such as videos, forums, and tutorials, to get additional insight on the topics. You can also check for reference books for each subject for a better understanding of the topic.

7. Healthy Lifestyle-

Sure, studying is all you need to focus on, but a healthy lifestyle is required throughout your preparation period. Ensure you get enough sleep at night as it helps to improve memory retention and concentration. Add a yoga or light exercise to your schedule as it helps to improve focus and balance stress. Diet is equally important as it will fuel your brain. Keep a water bottle with you to stay hydrated while studying.

8. Revisions and Mock Tests-

Revisions and mock tests are an important part of your preparation for CMA in both group exams. After finishing each topic, take a mock test to check your understanding of it. Taking mock tests regularly helps to assess your performance and helps identify the area you need to focus on.

Make sure you finish your syllabus on time and have time for revision before exams. Focus on revising tough but important topics, formulas, and concepts in the end days of preparation. Try completing at least 02 revisions before exams. Also, revise regularly through preparation before moving on to the next topic.

9. Stay Positive-

This may sound out of nowhere to you, but it helps. Maintaining a positive mindset through the journey helps to stay motivated to achieve a desired goal. So, Stay positive!


These were just a few tips candidates can follow while their preparation for CA Inter both groups’ exams. Preparing for these exams in 03 months needs to be strategic and consistent and requires determination and a disciplined approach. Try to adapt the things mentioned above to optimize your exam preparation.

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