Choosing the Perfect Tiles for Your Home: Expert Advice from a Tile Dealer

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When it comes to choosing tiles for your home, tile dealers share their experience and recommend the best of the best tiles. 

Most of the tile dealers first ask for what type of tile you are looking for, style, design, colour, texture. Are you seeking something modern or traditional? Many more factors come while choosing the finest tiles because it’s the investment that one makes after thinking wisely and discussing countless times. Once you have a style in mind, you can start looking at different materials and colours. Considering the durability is a must and how they will hold up over time. 

Let’s take you through what all we can explore in terms of different areas of a home and what sorts of tiles work best for each area for eg. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, utility area, bedroom, terrace, gallery etc. 


Kitchen  – Natural stone/Porcelain tiles

Kitchen is a place where all the homemakers spend most of their time and should be comfortable and clean both at the same time. experts usually suggest these two options to everyone looking for kitchen tiling because it is known as one of the most durable tiles out there. Porcelain and natural stone tiles both are considered to be water resistant, environmental friendly, safe and durable. 

Bedroom – Mosaic Tiles

If you also want to give your bedroom that rich and well-off vibe then Mosaic tile is a wise option as it looks super voguish, highly durable, easy to maintain so no hassle and comes in different patterns and designs. If you choose mosaic tiles you get the freedom to select your favourite one because it comes in a zillion types of styles, pieces, shapes, and colours. 

You could visit your nearest tile shop to look and feel a variety of pieces.


Bathroom – Stone Tiles or Natural Stone

For giving a timeless look to your bathroom, you can pick stone tiles as they are majorly water resistant and have wonderful grip. you can opt for limestone, slate and travertine tiles for your bathroom. These tiles are low maintenance since they can be used for both wall and floor and are washable. From the studies it is considered to be non-man made, straight from mother earth so it is environment friendly as well. 

Living Room – Porcelain Tiles

Everyone looks for comfort when it comes to the living area of the home. Porcelain tiles are highly comforting and give you a homely vibe. When you look for peace and calm this area will do it all for you if you pick porcelain tiles for your living area, and most comforting colours could be beige, grey, and, amber hue.

Dining room – Marble Tiles

Natural elegance is all that it holds. Marble tiles are easy to clean, have excellent heat conduction, you get lots of colours and options to choose from and durable. Refined marble is a less porous tile so it does not get damaged because of water. although it reacts to chemical substances very easily.

Backyard/Garden – Geometric Tiles and Bricks

Aesthetic yet classy, Bricks does it all when it’s about garden or backyard. very low maintenance and easy available tiles are these. They can be found in almost every house which has a garden. washable and maintains the cool environment around. 

Driveway – Paving Tiles/Paver Tiles

These tiles are skid-resistant and have wonderful grip. Highly durable and known for the most visibly attractive outdoor tiles out of all. comes in different styles, low maintenance and pocket friendly. If you are looking to make your driveway more fascinating and charming on a budget then you could definitely opt for paver tiles.

The criteria for selection?

Visit your nearest tile dealer to get a variety of tiles at different and affordable rates. choose your favourite ones and make your home the best place to be.

Quality and Durability

Tiles can make your house a home, and it is a long term investment you do. Proper research and wise selection is very important before installing the tiles. visiting the best stores for reasonable prices and outstanding quality is a must, online research adds a plus one to it too.


In the above article we have discussed how tiles impact your home in a better way and such vital roles they play when it comes to installing them. We have also discussed a variety of tiles and their benefits and roles for each area of a home. 

Everyone’s home is like a temple to them which they worship and spend so much on, from tiles to decor and other things in home brings the best out of it and we have discussed how vital these little steps are which you take before doing any additional changes into it because at the end of the day a home is a place we all belong to and want a warmth and cosy vibe for it.

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