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Best place to buy home accessories in lahore Pakistan 2024

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Home accessories: Decorating your home can be a fun project, and one of the most important elements that can make your space more attractive is home accessories. These tiny, but powerful objects will add personality, character and style in your home. If you’re searching for the most reputable location to purchase home accessories within Lahore, Pakistan, you’re at the right spot. We’re going to look at the most popular destinations in Lahore which offer an array of home decor items that will elevate your interior design skills.

Why Home Accessories Matter

Accessories for your home are the final accessories that bring the entire decor of your home. They include everything from curtains and cushions to lamps as well as vase, wall art and much more. Well-chosen home accessories can:

  • Enhance the aesthetics of your space: They can provide texture, color and visual interest to your home.
  • Show Your Personality Your selection of accessories will reflect your style and your personality.
  • Create a warm Atmosphere: The right accessories can make your home seem warm and welcoming.
  • Maximize Functions: Some accessories serve two purposes, providing both functionality and style.

Where to Find the Best Home Accessories in Lahore, Pakistan

Let’s take a look at the top locations in Lahore in which you can purchase a variety of home decor.

1. Liberty Market

Liberty Market is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Lahore and is known for its wide range of merchandise. In terms of furniture, you’ll discover a wide selection in this market, ranging from traditional styles to contemporary designs. If you’re looking for lively cushions, stylish rugs or a unique wall décor, Liberty Market has it everything.

2. Fortress Square Mall

Fortress Square Mall is another option to shop for home accessories. The modern mall has a variety of stores that provide a large assortment of items for decorating your home. There are a variety of stores to find the right accessories to meet your preferences and budget.

3. Emporium Mall

Emporium Mall is one of the biggest shopping malls and has a wide selection of stores for home accessories. From luxury boutiques to budget stores, you’ll find accessories that fit a variety of designs and tastes. It’s the perfect place to shop for all your interior decor needs.

4. Anarkali Bazar

If you are a fan of the traditional and handcrafted products, Anarkali Bazar is an amazing treasure trove. You can discover home decor items that are hand-crafted and display the rich heritage and workmanship of Pakistan. From intricate wood carvings to intricately embroidered textiles Anarkali Bazar has unique items that will give a touch of tradition for your living space.

5. Packages Mall

Packages Mall The Packages Mall is famous for its contemporary and fashionable stores. It’s a fantastic spot to discover modern home accessories that are in line with the newest trends in design. If you’re looking for minimalist furniture or striking, bold items, Packages Mall has a range of choices to meet your tastes.

Factors to Consider When Buying Home Accessories

When you are shopping for home accessories take these things in mind when making the most appropriate selections for your home:

1. Style and Aesthetics

Think about your home’s design style and select accessories that match the style. If you’re a fan of a traditional or modern, rustic or a mix of styles be sure that the accessories are in line with the overall style.

2. Quality and Durability

Choose products that are made with care and durable. Good quality products not only are more attractive, but also help will save you money in the long run since they don’t require regular replacements.

3. Budget-Friendly Options

Create a budget for your home decor and stick to it. There are options with different prices that means you will be able to discover something that will fit your budget.

4. Unique and Handcrafted Pieces

Think about adding unique, handmade accessory pieces to your home. They typically are a source of inspiration and turn into conversation starters for your home.


The most convenient place to buy furniture and accessories for your home to decorate your home in Lahore, Pakistan, depends on your budget, style and personal preferences. If you choose to shop at the bustling market in Liberty as well as Anarkali or the contemporary malls such as Fortress Square, Emporium, and Packages and Packages, you’re bound to find what you need to complement your decor.

Make sure you consider things like the style as well as quality, budget and individuality in your decision-making process. With the right selections you can transform your home into a a sanctuary of comfort and style.


Are there particular trends in home accessories that are prevalent in Lahore currently?

The fashions for home accessories in Lahore are diverse, but at present there is an increasing desire to mix traditional Pakistani craft with modern-day designs. The hand-crafted products with intricate details are extremely well-known.

Where can I get eco-friendly home items in Lahore?

There are eco-friendly home products in Lahore. There are some markets and shops that provide sustainable and eco-friendly options, including recycled products and materials produced by artisans in Lahore who are committed to eco-friendly methods.

What’s the typical cost of home accessories in Lahore?

The cost for accessories for your home in Lahore will vary greatly based on the product and the location you purchase it. There are budget-friendly choices starting at a few hundred rupees. However, high-end or imported items could cost a few thousand in rupees and more. It is essential to establish an amount that is appropriate to your needs, and to look around shops to find the best bargains.

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