Why Does It Say My Computer is Not Authorized on Itunes?

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Apple requires authorization for all computers that access iTunes from an Apple ID. This means that your computer needs to be authorized by the account holder before you can access or sync content between devices. This could happen if:

• You are trying to authorize a computer with someone else’s Apple ID • You haven’t authorized this computer on iTunes before • Your device is not connected to the same network as when it was originally authorized

To fix this issue, simply sign in with the correct Apple ID and password associated with your device and re-authorize it through iTunes.

How Do I Authorize My New Mac for Itunes?

To authorize a new Mac for iTunes, follow these steps: • Open iTunes. • Go to the Store tab and then click on Authorize This Computer.

• Sign in with your Apple ID and password. • Then confirm by clicking Authorize. You have now successfully authorized your new Mac for iTunes!

How Do I Authorize Another Computer for Apple Music?

* Authorizing another computer for Apple Music allows you to access your music library across multiple devices. To do this: * Open the Music app on the device that has an active subscription to Apple Music.

* Click Account from the menu bar and select Authorizations. * Select “Authorize This Computer” and enter in your Apple ID credentials when prompted. This will enable access to all of your music content, including purchased songs and playlists, across any other authorized Macs or PCs connected with the same Apple ID account.


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