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What is the need for soft seated butterfly valves? – Its advantages

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As the name suggests, soft-seated butterfly valves are usually light, as most of their parts will be made of non-metallic materials. The sides of such a valve will be metal, while all its other parts will be elastic non-metallic materials. A soft seated butterfly valve comes with a design that has good sealing capabilities but is not resistant to high temperatures. It has lower mechanical properties than traditional valves but offers numerous other benefits. 

All about soft-seated butterfly valves 

Butterfly valves are devices used to control or turn the flow of fluids. These valves have disks that offer quick-action flow by rotating up to 90 degrees from an open and closed position. Maximum fluid flow will be provided when the disc is perpendicular to the pipe and vice versa. You can find numerous butterfly valves in different sizes and designs suitable for specific industrial applications. So, make sure to choose a quality product from leading valve patent manufacturers. 

Soft seated butterfly valves play a vital role in regulating and isolating flow in numerous sanitary systems and other places. Its soft seal rotating disc is made of non-metallic material, but it will have good strength, hardness, and temperature resistance. It offers excellent performance by providing zero leakage but is not suitable for changing temperatures (high). Unlike a metal seated butterfly valve, you do not have to worry about corrosion while using a soft seated butterfly valve. 


Quality soft-seated butterfly valves can be used for various applications in numerous industries. Whether it’s the acid solution, sensitive food, or pharmaceutical application, you can find suitable soft seated butterfly valves with different sizes and designs. Moreover, it comes with a two-piece housing that is easy to install and replace due to its simple design. 

Advantages of soft seated butterfly valves 

Butterfly valves are versatile and lightweight, especially those with a soft-seated design. These valves are ideal for applications with low temperatures and pressure. It is also suitable for applications with a reasonable amount of pressure and temperature conditions. Since it is mostly non-metallic, it can be used with fluids without getting damaged (like metallic corrosion). 

  • Lightweight valves – cheap

Usually, butterfly valves come with thin metallic discs or seals to control the flow of the mechanism. The disc will be small and strong enough to regulate the flow by occupying only a minimal space. Thus, it is suitable for smaller systems and requires limited room or storage. At the same time, a soft seated butterfly valve comes with a plastic seal, which is even lighter than the metallic one. Thus, it will be more suitable for small application requirements without much pressure. On the other hand, it is also cheaper than other butterfly valves because of its materials. 

  • Less maintenance and installation requirements 

All the soft seated butterfly valves are composed of fewer internal components, gaps, or pockets, which can result in trapping debris. Thus, these valves require less maintenance than traditional types of valves. There is also no need for welding or other complex installation; all you need is a pair of clamps to install them. You can easily fit them between adjacent pipe flanges without any trouble. 

  • Easy to operate 

The small, lightweight and soft seated valves make it easier to operate with low torque. Since the disc will be small, it can overcome the resistance with a small force. These will result in lower operating costs, as they are cheaper to install and use less power. 


Similar to metallic valves, soft seal butterfly valves also offer better performance. It can also maintain a good seal under high pressure and is suitable for many industries. If you are planning on purchasing such valves, look for leading valve patent manufacturers. 


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