UTL Solar Charge Controller (PWM) 12V/24V, 20Amp, with USB Charging Socket

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Product Description

Solar Charge ControllerSolar Charge Controller

UTL 20A solar charge controller is PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology-based charge controller that manages solar power and can convert your existing inverter into a solar inverter, allowing you to run your load on solar power.

Useful Tips:

Protect solar charge controller from direct Sunlight & Water.Panel open circuit voltage should not be more than the specified voltage.Do not install the charge controller near flammable construction materials.To avoid short-circuits and overheating, ensure that the wires are tightly connected.

20A solar charge controller20A solar charge controller

Digital LCD Display + Auto Voltage Selection

LCD display with a user-friendly controller-based design. It shows parameters such as battery voltage, battery current, solar status (absent, charging OFF, overload), load current, and charger status.

The auto voltage selection feature is also available in this 20A solar charge. It can automatically sense 12V and 24V solar panels and performs accordingly to enhance the system’s performance.

solar charge controller 20 ampssolar charge controller 20 amps

High Efficiency + Complete Protection

This 20 amps 12V/24V solar charge controller has a high-efficiency rating. The charge controller efficiency is approximately 95%. It will provide you with constant solar power while lowering your monthly energy bills.

It offers complete protection for your solar equipment. This small solar device provides miscellaneous protections like battery low/high, battery reverse, SPV reverse, SPV high/low, reverse current flow from the battery to solar panel array, and short circuit via DC fuse.

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage 12V & 24V DC Battery Support Tubular Operating PV Input Voltage Voc 22.5V for 12V | 45V for 24V (Max) Solar Panel Size (Max) 300W for 12V Mode & 500W for 24V Mode Nominal Battery Voltage 12V/24V DC (Auto Sensing) Charging Current (Max) 20A Load Current (Max) 20A Charge Controller Efficiency >95% Idle Consumption <30mA Display Parameters Batt. Voltage, Batt. Current, Solar status, Overload, Load Current, Charger On Protections Battery High/Low, Battery Reverse, SPV Reverse, SPV High/Low, Reverse Current Flow from Battery to Solar Panel Array, Load Short Circuit through DC Fuse Operating Temperature 0-50°C Weight 300GM Dimension (LxWxH) 100x161x50mm

【12V/24V Auto Voltage Selection】This 20A solar charge controller is compatible with 12V & 24V solar panels. It has an auto voltage sensing feature through which it automatically detects the voltage and operates accordingly.
【High Efficiency Charge Controller】This auto voltage sensing charge controller is highly efficient with >95% Charge Controller Efficiency. It will provide you with constant solar power while lowering your monthly electricity bills.
【User Friendly Display】Designed with user-friendly LCD display. You can see parameters like Battery Voltage, Battery Current, Solar Status (Absent, Charging OFF, Overload), Load Current, and Charger On.
【Protections】Battery Low/High, Battery Reverse, SPV Reverse, SPV High/Low, Reverse current flow from battery to solar panel array, Load short circuit through DC Fuse.

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