Unlocking India’s Great Solar Potential with the Top 6 Solar Module Companies!

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Gone are the days when India was completely dependent on non-renewable energy sources.

With the rising awareness of renewable and clean energy, many Indian companies have ventured into solar power technology bringing a revolutionary change in our country’s energy sector. Today there are numerous options available for people to choose from as far as solar panels are concerned.

To help you make a wise decision we bring you an article discussing some of the best solar module company in India that offer quality products at competitive prices!

1. Waaree Energies Ltd

Waaree Energies Ltd is one of India’s leading solar module companies. It offers top quality solar modules for a variety of uses and applications, from residential to commercial and industrial.

The company has more than 20 years’ experience in making world-class products, with a portfolio covering all photovoltaic markets. Its technology is based on innovative manufacturing processes developed by its research and development center that have made it an industry leader in terms of quality, efficiency, life span and reliability of the product.

Waaree provides customized solutions to its clients with excellent customer service ensuring that each project is completed within time parameters with utmost perfection in every aspect right from design to commissioning stage. With its wide network across India, Waaree ensures timely delivery of projects as well as after sales services throughout the country.

2. Adani Solar Pvt Ltd

Adani Solar Pvt Ltd is a leading solar module company in India. It has been active for many years and is known for its quality, efficient and reliable products. The company offers different sizes of modules to suit customer requirements with warranties up to 25 years.

Adani Solar manufactures advanced and robust systems incorporating the latest technology into their products for maximum efficiency. Their services are also highly regarded as they provide turnkey solutions with extended life cycle maintenance support from design through installation along with operation and maintenance agreements (O&M).

The team at Adani Solar Pvt Ltd strive constantly towards increasing the standard of their services to ensure that customers receive high quality performance all year round even during extreme weather conditions.

3. Vikram Solar Pvt Ltd

Vikram Solar Pvt Ltd is one of the leading solar module companies in India. They provide a range of products and services to help individuals, businesses, governments, utilities and other organizations across India use clean, renewable energy sources more efficiently.

Their products include both off-grid and grid-connected systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The company also offers engineering design support for various renewable energy projects across the country.

Vikram Solar’s mission is to make clean energy available to everyone at an affordable cost, thereby helping reduce India’s dependence on non-renewable sources of energy while promoting sustainable development in the country.

4. Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd

Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd is one of the leading providers of solar modules in India. With a long history in the industry and decades of experience, their products have been used for countless projects across the country.

In addition, they provide a range of services to all types of customers, including residential and commercial, enabling them to receive reliable renewable energy from an experienced provider.

Furthermore, Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd has invested heavily in research and development over the years resulting in superior quality and performance for their products. This commitment to excellence makes them stand out amongst other providers in India when it comes to solar power solutions.

5. Jakson

Jakson is one of the leading solar module companies in India. The company has been a key innovator and supplier of efficient, reliable and cost-effective solar modules since its inception in 1982.

They are dedicated to meeting the energy needs of people across the nation by providing effective solutions for both small scale and large scale applications. Their offerings include rooftop systems, ground mounted solar power plants, EPC services, O&M services as well as home lighting solutions.

Jakson’s products have undergone stringent quality tests and have earned accreditation from various international bodies! This speaks volumes about their commitment towards delivering superior quality products with uncompromised standards.

6. Cleanmax Solar Pvt Ltd

Cleanmax Solar Pvt Ltd is one of the leading solar module companies in India. They offer a wide range of high quality and cost-effective solar products such as solar photovoltaic (PV) modules, inverters, batteries and other related accessories.

Their experienced engineers provide advanced engineering solutions to their clients with the help of latest technologies. Cleanmax Solar also provides training and installation services to their customers so that they can maximize their profits from using renewable energy sources like solar power.

Additionally, they have adopted several safety standards that ensure their products are safe for use even under extreme weather conditions. All these factors make Cleanmax Solar Pvt Ltd one of the best choices for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable source of energy in India.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the above-mentioned 6 companies are undoubtedly the best solar module companies in India.

All of these firms have established themselves as being reliable, trustworthy and efficient providers of quality solar products. Their commitment to innovation and environment-friendly practices has enabled them to become one of the most popular brands among Indian consumers looking for clean energy solutions.

With such a variety available, choosing one that best suits your needs should now be much easier than before!


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