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Sustainable and Ethical Women’s Boot Brands to Support

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These women’s boots are designed for more than just walking. They are designed for exploring canyons, stomping through mud, and hiking through snow to come closer to mother Earth. We want our planet’s natural beauty to remain picturesque, just as we want our shoes to be both useful and beautiful. This calls for making certain that our footprints are formed with eco-friendly footwear. Since it can be challenging to produce and dispose of women’s boots ethically, we’re doing our best to lessen our impact by seeking out the most ethical women’s boot manufacturers. Here is a sneak glance at some of our favorite shoes before you start stomping.


We enjoy taking into account Matisse for our wardrobes when it comes to a forward-thinking aesthetic. This LA-based company prioritizes small-scale artisanal manufacturing in family-run facilities and upholds ethical employment practices. The Chase Chelsea women’s Boot, with its snake-embossed finish and chunky heel, is ideal for your fall and winter wardrobe. Stomp and make a statement in it. Use the Beek Promo Code and get your hands on the fine-quality of women’s boots at low prices!


Nisolo’s boots have you covered, literally, in the rain or the snow. The company, which is well known for its chukka boots, set the way for purposefully designed and ethically produced goods. For instance, the leather used, like in our favorite Amalia Boots, is always a byproduct of the butcher business. Also, these women’s boots are produced in a plant in Peru that is owned and run by Nisolo and where all workers receive fair salaries.


Sézane’s Parisian-inspired style effortlessly fuses fashion and utility. For their dreamlike knee-high Los Angeles shoes, this French brand obtains nearly all of its materials from sustainable and environmentally beneficial sources. It partners with ateliers over an extended period of time to produce the majority of its pieces within the European Union. Use these high-end women’s boots to transition from day to night with ease.

The Root Collective 

With its variety of women’s boot styles, The Root Collective gives your clothing a little flair. The Root Collective collaborates with artisans to offer fair and empowering employment in communities that most need it. Each item is handcrafted in Guatemala using genuine leather. Although we adore all of its designs, including those with patterned heels, we are particular lovers of this burgundy pair because they are versatile and appropriate for changing seasons. When we want to travel in comfort and style, we always reach for the easy-zip leather women’s boots from The Root Collective. They also make it simple to pass through airport security.


Statement boots are one style that we usually turn to ABLE for! These boots are chic, fashionable, and sustainably created by women all over the world utilizing leather that has been ethically sourced and eco-friendly foam padding. Our favorite women’s boot, the Lex women’s Boot, is now in a deep, timeless black that is a stunning complement to our winter wardrobe and beyond. The heel on our editor’s snakeskin-printed boots from ABLE’s earlier collections is higher than you might expect, yet the shoes are nevertheless quite comfortable and easy to wear. Watch for their new prints; they never let you down. Well, do you want to save 30% off on women’s boots? Then use the Ego Shoes Promo Code in your shopping.

Zou Xou 

An Argentine footwear and slow fashion brand called Zou Xou (pronounced “zu-zu”) bring you the best of Buenos Aires. For the best fit every time, the brand provides both ready-to-ship and made-to-order collections. Each pair is meticulously created in small batches by Argentinian shoemakers using traditional methods. You’ll adore these boots for the rest of your life.

Thesus Outdoors

Thesus Outdoors strives to be environmentally responsible by design; more than 90% of its materials are eco-friendly and traceable, and the company wants to reach 100%. Its footwear, including its renowned weekend women’s boot, is made from fair trade natural rubber, recyclable plastics, and recovered ocean waste. Our editors have used this shoe firsthand and adore it for mountain vacations with friends or weekend treks around Los Angeles. Although we wouldn’t suggest it for long-distance trekking, it’s the ideal women’s boot for weekend excursions into nature. But created sustainably, like Timbs.


Koio is a high-end sustainable brand that creates shoes in Italy using premium eco-friendly materials. Each pair of shoes from the family-owned company is meticulously handcrafted by 42 skilled artisans to provide the greatest level of luxury and sustainable design. They strive to use environmentally friendly materials, such as Italian leathers that have received LWG certification and Swiss Alps regenerative leathers that restore ecosystems, rather than just climate-neutral or -neutral options.


Since its founding in 2006, Beklina has been one of the first eco-boutiques to be found online. This firm has been assembling high-quality goods for more than 15 years, including handmade clogs (like our favorite), swimwear, and more, all of which are created ethically in the USA, Peru, and Nepal. We adore these ribbed clogs because of their hand-carved heel, sturdy Italian leather, and rich black color that goes with everything.

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