PRESENTSALE Hand Blender, 250W (Green)

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Hand Blender

Multifunctional appliance for faster food processing the kitchen king portable blender is a modern day easy-to-use appliance that is convenient for everyday food processing.

Included Components

There are three stainless steel blades that make chopping, slicing and dicing easy and fast.It comes with a wall mounting stand What makes the hand blender all the more appealing is that unlike a traditional blender, which demands all the ingredients to be mixed in the blender’s own container, this hand blender can be used in any container.


This portable blender is lightweight and has a compact size, which means it can be carried around easily and will not require much space on your kitchen counter-top. You can store it just about anywhere. It is also easy to clean and maintain hand blender is user-friendly and makes kitchen jobs easy and less time consuming.

Power Consumption

User-friendly and convenient 250watt hand blender has a stylish grey exterior and operates on 230v with 250w power consumption.


lightweight and compact three stainless steel blades for multiple functions can be wall mounted for space-saving storage motor: 12000rpm power consumption: 250w.

How To Uses

1- Make pure out of cooked vegetables

Hand blender is very useful when it comes to pure the food. From sauce to curry to chutney, you can do it all using this kitchen appliance. As its blade can handle the heat temperature, you can even puree the food inside the cooking pan which helps you to avoid using other kitchen appliances and reduces your work and time.

2 – Prepare Baby food:

It works great when you have to prepare baby foods which are mashed or pureed. It is an amazing al
R.P.M.: 12000 to 15000 (approx),
Features: Water-proof Motor, Easy cleaning, comfortable grip, Strong, Rust-free, Durable, Sharp and efficient blades, portable Sales package: 1 Hand Blender,1 Mincer Blade, 1 Whisk Blade, 1 Beater Blade, 1 Wall Mount Stand
Fast and Efficient way of Cooking, Helps you in whipping, grating, blending, making, purees, mincing, shredding, stirring and you can do many more with this blender
How To Use: (1) The Mincer Blade – It chops, minces, liquidizes, mashes, makes vegetable purees and also makes light dough. Ingredients should be cut up to pieces before placing into the container. Place the stem in the ingredients and work it around the container. In a couple of seconds, you will get the desired consistency. (2) The Grating Blade – It is used for liquids. For example – cocktails, milkshakes, buttermilk, lassi, curd, soup, etc.

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