Peloton Row – New Rowing Machine

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Peloton just launched its first rowing machine, a new addition to the company’s fitness equipment line. With the rowing machine, the company is hoping to bring in new members and boost recurring revenue.

Peloton says the rower offers unique hardware innovations, quiet operation and real-time form feedback. It also features personal pace targets that adjust the difficulty level of each class.


Peloton Row – New Rowing Machine is the latest addition to the Peloton family of connected fitness devices, including Bike, Bike+, Tread and Guide. It combines the software, hardware design, and exclusive content that define Peloton with a low-impact, full-body cardio and strength workout.

It’s also the first Peloton product to offer personalized coaching via Form Assist, a real-time feedback feature powered by AI technology. This provides a detailed breakdown of individual form and metrics after each class to help members optimize their stroke.

During classes, instructors’ cues are displayed on the 24-inch HD swivel screen and you can set personal pace targets. These target intensity levels contextualize instructor’s cues and help you gauge how hard you should be working at each interval to stay on track.

The Row is also exceptionally quiet thanks to electronically controlled resistance and a thin, smooth belt. It has a water bottle holder built into the frame and easy upright storage.


Peloton’s design team put a lot of thought into this machine’s look. It’s slim and sleek, with a pop of red.

The 24” HD screen swivels to the front so you can see your instructor while you’re working out. It’s also touchscreen-friendly, which means you can navigate through your classes and track your performance with ease.

It’s got sensors that detect your form and give you personalized feedback. Whenever your form needs improvement, areas of your body will be highlighted in red on the screen.

This is a pretty innovative feature, and it makes the entire rowing experience easier than before. It helps you stay motivated and focus on proper form regardless of your fitness level.

Additionally, the Peloton Row will track your form and metrics after every class, so you can see how well you’re progressing over time. It’s a great way to stay engaged with your workouts and get rewarded for your efforts.


Peloton Row is a smart rowing machine with an arsenal of features that help guide users through proper form. It uses sensors to detect form and offer real-time feedback with long-term progress metrics to keep users motivated over time.

The innovative feature, Form Assist, is one of the most exciting new additions to the device. It provides visual feedback in real-time based on sensor data and suggests personalized adjustments when it detects form errors.

It also has a built-in form rating and insights tool that gives you a breakdown of your form and performance metrics after each class.

In terms of design, the Row is a sleek piece of fitness equipment that looks impressive and can easily fit in a home gym space. There’s a best-in-class 24-inch HD touchscreen that swivels 45 degrees, and the seat is ergonomically designed for comfort.

The rower also offers a silent workout experience without the usual swishing water or whining gears. It also has a low user weight limit, so it’s suitable for most users.


Peloton Row is a belt-driven rowing machine that offers an ultra-thin, smooth resistance. Its electronically controlled resistance feels on par with Hydrow’s, but the Row is noticeably quieter.

Its unique feature is its ability to provide individually-calibrated on-screen feedback that highlights areas of your form for improvement as you row. It also provides a breakdown and rating of your form after each class.

The idea behind these features is to help members keep track of their performance and progress throughout their entire workout journey. The company also has an API update coming this fall that will make it possible for members to train on their own in the same way as a Peloton instructor.

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