P M H Handy Sewing/Stitch Handheld Cordless Portable White Sewing Machine for Home Tailoring, Hand Machine | Mini Silai | White Hand Machine Pack of 1,

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Price: ₹1,299.00 - ₹519.00
(as of Aug 10,2022 03:59:17 UTC – Details)

Description :-
How to prepare your Handy Stitch Machine :
 1: Add the Bobbin with the Spring and make sure Thread is not entangled in it.
2: Pass the Thread through the hole
 3: Pass the Thread through the Tension controller between the two discs. Tighten the disc to adjust the tension.
 4: Use a needle threader to make the thread through the needle and put the thread from back of the needle.
If thread comes out after stitching :
This Machine is Single Threaded Machine, This means it does not have bobbin to sew on the other side of the cloth.
Once the Stitching is completed:
Turn the Cloth on other side.
Pull the Thread using the Threader to Interlock the Stitches and you are done.
Additionally, Tie a Knot for more protection if needed.

Features :- 
Works on a single thread with Chain style stitching.
 No Bobbin required on the bottom side, The knot needs to be tied manually after the stitch is completed.
Professional tailors often refuse to fix hems of clothes and stitching them with hands is a cumbersome task. 
This mini stapler style sewing machine helps you hem your clothes with ease and is ideal for small, emergency repairs.

Specification :-
Brand Name : P M H
Color : White
Usage : For Home Tailoring, Hand Machine 
Material : Plastic
Type : Sewing Machines
Weight :  410 Gm
Item Dimensions: 24 X 15 X 12 CM
Mini hand Sewing Machine Stapler style is quick and easy to use.
This electric hand held single stitch sewing machine makes it so much faster and easier than using a needle, saving you time and money.
Special Features: This lightweight cordless sewing machine is easy to carry for travel and household for stitching and tailoring.

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