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On the other hand, the internet can also be used as a tool for crime such as identity theft or fraud. Additionally, its addictive nature can lead to digital addiction which affects many aspects of life including physical health if not controlled properly.


Impact of Internet on Students


The Internet has had a profound impact on the lives of students, providing them with unprecedented access to knowledge and learning opportunities. It has opened up new avenues for information sharing, self-directed learning, collaboration and communication between peers. With its vast resources such as online educational platforms, libraries, research databases and other tools, it enables students to gain valuable skills that can help them excel academically and professionally.



Furthermore, it also provides an opportunity for students to network with their peers from around the world and stay informed about global developments in their respective fields.


Positive Impact of Internet


The internet has had a profoundly positive impact on society, providing access to information and resources that would have previously been unavailable. It has allowed us to communicate more easily with each other, both personally and professionally, and reduced the cost of doing business by eliminating many physical barriers such as geographic distance. The internet also provides an unparalleled platform for people to share their ideas, opinions, and experiences which can lead to revolutionary advances in our understanding of the world around us.


Negative Impact of Internet on Society



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