KENT 11115 Ultima Vegetable Cleaner & Purifier 13 W |Removes Pesticides & Chemicals from Fruits & Vegetables| Ozonizer for Vegetables & Fruits Cleaning | 1 Year Warranty | White

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Price: ₹9,000.00 - ₹5,759.00
(as of Aug 09,2022 21:51:26 UTC – Details)

Kent’s Ultima Vegetable Cleaner, an advanced an easy way to disinfect your market bought vegetables and fruits in just 15-30 minutes. The appliance is designed in a way that removes pesticides, insecticides, and chemicals from the surface of your food items effectively. It uses a bio-friendly ozone technology for the disinfection and oxidizes residual chemicals from the item’s surface thoroughly.
Works on bio-friendly technology for the removal of harmful components from the surface of fruits and vegetables
Oxidizes residual chemicals from the surface of the food items
This fruit and vegetable purifier comes with a detachable container for easy cleaning and safer & hygienic process
No consumables required that doesn’t call for any after-services or change of parts
The vegetable cleaner is wall mountable or can be kept of the countertop
Requires rinsing with the plain water after the disinfection process

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