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  Marilyn Monroe is the patron saint of bare-chested glamour.

Monroe recounted in a 1960 interview with Marie Claire that when a previous reporter had asked what she wore to bed, “I said, “Chanel No 5,” because it’s the truth, but I don’t want to say “nude,” she had replied. From that point forward, nudity—or the implication of it—became essential to her brand. Kim Kardashian made news at the Met Gala in May of this year by donning the outfit that Marilyn Monroe wore to sing Happy Birthday to US President John F. Kennedy 60 years ago. skeleton dress

Model Bella Hasid standing in her underwear while a dress was sprayed on her flesh at Copernic’s Paris Fashion Week show was the catwalk’s most memorable moment of the most recent season. Fabricant is an aerosol-applied liquid mixture of synthetic and natural fibers that, when it comes into touch with the skin, transforms into a non-woven fabric. After ten minutes, Hasid was dressed in a dress that was sturdy enough for a technician to cut a slit in the hem and fold the neckline down to drape around her shoulders, but it was still so X-ray sheer that, like Monroe’s crystals encrusted with rhinestones, it appeared to be naked.

On Tikka Despite the technical mastery of its design,

The naked dress’s visceral force comes from its ability to draw attention to the body beneath. It has evolved into a cultural symbol at a time when women’s bodies are being used as a political football. The US Supreme Court struck down the constitutional right to an abortion this year, while Masha Amani’s death in detention after being detained by Iran’s morality police for allegedly donning her hijab incorrectly triggered huge demonstrations. skeleton dress

The British fashion designer Harris Reed’s see-through wedding dress, created from repurposed white lace and worn over a clear white thong, drew criticism after Camille Charier shared images of it with her 1.3 million followers earlier this year. I had no desire to wear a typical, virginal gown and could never envision myself as a traditional bride. I abhor the way society still regulates our fashion choices. We should all be indignant that women still have to put up with this patriarchal foolishness, she subsequently wrote.

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